Hanns Schimansky, etchings for The Recital | Ergo Pers, 2009 [text by John Ashbery, translation by Franck André Jamme] and for La Recitation de L’oubli | Les gués, les passes | Ergo Pers, 2009 [text by Franck André Jamme, translation by John Ashbery]

Additional prints
    'Working exclusively as a draftsman, Hanns Schimansky moves his brush, his pencil, or his pen over sheets of paper from the size of post-cards as well as large formats. In a balance between randomness and control, he seeks the energy that is produced by the pressure of his hand on the paper with its vibrations and rhythm.
The more or less geometric shapes and frail or incisive lines make up a vocabulary of elements that are assembled according to different combinations on the sometimes previously folded paper. From left to right, from top to bottom or backwards, the network of lines creates a very open form of writing that unrolls, is cut across with color, with spots and painted surfaces. A history thus unfolds with its breaths, its quickening of pace and its timbre: that of lines that cross or avoid each other, fields of color and pathways that link them together.
These kinds of “scriptural landscapes” evolve within a particular space. The back and the front of the paper meet each other and transgress the boundaries of within and without. The partially folded paper, which keeps the horizontal vertical framework of its folding, preserves the cracks and hidden spaces with different framings.' [Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris]



















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