Livre de peintre, with texts by Cees Nooteboom and lithographs by Jürgen Partenheimer
Ergo Pers Gent, 2005


This livre de peintre, with poetry by Cees Nooteboom and lithographs by Jürgen Partenheimer, is a limited edition artist's book, in which the minimalism of Partenheimer is juxtaposed to Nooteboom’s ‘poetry of place’. The book contains several images, partly in color, a continuous etching on the front and back cover, and a suite of two signed lithographs.
De slapende goden | Sueños y otras mentiras is published by Ergo Pers in a limited edition of 48 copies, signed both by the author and the artist. Letterpress printing and manual binding by Rein Ergo, Gent; lithographs printed by Felix Bauer, Cologne. The poems were translated by Ard Posthuma (German) or Jan H. Mysjkin and Pierre Gallissaires (French). The entire edition was printed on Waterford Saunders 190 g. 38 x 28 cm, slipcase in crystal clear perspex. Price: € 1300.

Jürgen Partenheimer (born in 1947) has produced more than 70 artists’ books since 1970.
These books are the quintessence of an encounter between visual arts and literature.
De slapende goden | Sueños y otras mentiras is the result of Partenheimer’s most recent collaboration with Cees Nooteboom, and is on view in Dresden [Buchmuseum der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden], at the exhibition Jürgen Partenheimer | Künstlerbücher [19 11 - 5.11.2005]

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