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Jürgen Partenheimer | Discontinuity, Paradox & Precision

IKON Gallery - Birmingham

1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
Birmingham b1 2hs
02.04.2008 - 06.02.2008


  Ikon presents a major solo exhibition by the internationally acclaimed German artist Jürgen Partenheimer, his first in the UK, comprising new and recent painting, works on paper and sculpture, revealing the interconnectivity of his essentially Modernist practice. Partenheimer's work is rooted in abstraction across many forms, expressing connections between art, poetry, music and literature, and importantly their place in our life. His is a poetically philosophical investigation, which approaches its subject matter at the very point of transition between reality and imagination. In drawings and paintings of visual fragility, form and colour establish a lyric sensibility, challenging our traditional interpretations of time and space. The physical presence of his paintings seems caught at the point of transient dissolution and concentration. Sculptures and ceramic work too retain this flexibility challenging our perceptual understanding. They contain echoes of functional objects; yet remain elusive in their specificity.
An additional feature of the exhibition will be a new musical piece commissioned from the celebrated post-minimalist composer Kevin Volans. Invited by the artist to create a new composition in response to his work, the music will be elaborated physically by speakers integrated into linear wooden sculptures made by Partenheimer. As the artist's work relates to the condition of music in an abstract sense of perception, so Volans attempts to embody musically formal and emotive qualities and images possible in painting, sculpture and work on paper as seen in Partenheimer's practice.



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Jürgen Partenheimer
Häusler Contemporary Zürich
Stampfenbachstrasse 59
8006 Zürich
Telefon 0041-43-810 04 26

12 04 - 24 05 2008
Dienstag bis Freitag 12 bis 18 Uhr | Samstag 11 bis 16 Uhr

Das abstrakte Bild ist eine Form des anschaulichen Denkens, das sich zu einer Empfindung verdichtet.
Jürgen Partenheimer


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April 16th | 19.30 H | GOETHE-INSTITUT

Zusammen mit dem Rumänischen Kulturinstitut Madrid widmen wir einen Abend dem Werk und der Wirkung von Constantin Brancusi.
Der deutsche Künstler Jürgen Partenheimer spricht über das Werk Brancusis und seinen Einfluss auf die zeitgenössische Kunst. Die spanische Dichterin Clara Janés liest Gedichte, inspiriert von Werken Brancusis, Partenheimers, Chillidas... So verschränken sich Kunst, Wort und Poesie.


Jürgen Partenheimer Biographie | Goethe-Institut Madrid


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Jürgen Partenheimer. Von der Entstehung einer malerischen Fuge mit Kadenzen

Nietzsche-Haus Sils-Maria 19.7.- 20.10.2007

Jürgen Partenheimer spent the summer of 2006 at Nietzsche House, where, immersed in the atmosphere of Nietzsche's "force field", he created his metaphysical landscapes", works on paper of great enigmatic intensity.
In them, the mimetic impulse has been reduced to a few minimalist representational elements, so that the 24 watercolours coalesce into a single composition of breathtaking impact. The artist has chosen to work in a context that allows him to take a twofold – medial – approach to his own practice, such
that his uncompromisingly authentic creative energy interacts with a sovereign appreciation of Nietzsche’s oeuvre. (Text Peter André Bloch)

The exhibition will be attended to and cared for by Häusler Contempory Munich.

Schwabe Verlag Basel has published a catalog in cooperation with the Nietzsche-Haus, including texts from Iso Camartin, Peter André Bloch, and Bruno Glatt (76 pages, 29 illustrations).


Häusler Contemporary exclusively offers special editions of the new catalog.


Tagebuch Sao Paulo, 2005

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| Jürgen Partenheimer. Roma - São Paulo. Drawings.
Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe | 08.04. - 09.07.2006

Invitation pdf

Informationen zur Ausstellung | Online-Preview


| | Jürgen Partenheimer - São Paulo. Drawings.
Pinacoteca do Estado de S„o Paulo 10.3.- 22.4.2007
Praça da Luz, 2 Jardim da Luz CEP 01120-010 São Paulo - SP


| | | Catalogue
Jürgen Partenheimer Roma | Sao Paulo | Zeichnungen Drawings, 2003/2005, Richter Verlag 2006.



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Jürgen Partenheimer
Über den Schauplatz. Mythos und Utopie.
Tagebuch São Paulo 2005 [Teil 3]

Häusler Contemporary
Bruderstraße 2
D-80538 München

Following the presentation of the groups of works "Römisches Tagebuch" and "Tagebuch São Paulo" by the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, we presented "Part 3" of the impressive body of work entitled "São Paulo" in Munich.

In 2005, Jürgen Partenheimer worked as "artist in residence" in the Brazilian metropolis for one month. Whilst there, he set up a guest workshop in the famous wave-like "Copan" building by Oscar Niemeyer.

The connection between blank space and the markings in the drawings by Jürgen Partenheimer makes the surface appear as space, fixed forms appear to be floating and precise lines as provisional and flexible. Moments of calm, stability and warmth phase out moments of dynamism, restlessness and isolation. The imaginary space is opened up to the observer as a place for action.






















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