lt is the quiet artists, the tranquil and self-reflective ones,
who respect and think so highly of the book as a medium; or it is the intense and somewhat wild artists who domesticate it, the artist book.


Dieter Ronte

Back Portrait of Rein Ergo, in front of Art & Language, Index: The Studio at 3 Wesley Place Painted by Mouth (I), 1982 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024] Exhibition view of Mario Merz, Igloo ‘if the hoar-frost grip thy tent, thou wilt give thanks when the night is spent’ (Ezra  Pound), and Gerhard Richter,  4 Glasscheiben, 1967 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024] Exhibition view of Bruce Naumann, Chairs, 1983 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024]3 Portrait of sewing artist Wis Geysen, enjoying Franz Wests' Ordinary Language, 1995 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024] Exhibition view of Sol LeWitt, Incomplete Open Cubes 6/1, 9/4, 8/10, 8/19, 8/22, 10/1, 1974 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024]

Herbert Foundation, Ghent, November 2023 [Edward Ruscha, Artists' books]



Ed Ruscha / Now Then: A Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2023

Ed Ruscha / Now Then: A Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2023


Ed Ruscha / Now Then: A Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2023.

The Museum of Modern Art presents ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN, the most comprehensive retrospective of the artist’s work ever staged, and his first solo exhibition at the Museum, from September 10, 2023, through January 13, 2024. Organized in close collaboration with Ed Ruscha and mirroring his own cross-disciplinary approach, the exhibition will feature over 200 works, produced from 1958 to the present, in various media—including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, artist’s books, and installation—displayed according to a loose chronology throughout the Museum’s sixth- floor galleries. Alongside the artist’s most acclaimed works, the exhibition will highlight lesser-known aspects of his practice, offering new perspectives on one of the most influential figures in postwar American art.

ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN is co-organized by MoMA and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The exhibition is organized by Christophe Cherix, The Robert Lehman Foundation Chief Curator of Drawings and Prints, with Ana Torok, The Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Assistant Curator, and Kiko Aebi, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Drawings and Prints.


September 10, 2023—January 13, 2024
Floor Six, The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Center for Special Exhibitions


Ed Ruscha. Chocolat Room, 1970, installation view, Biennale di Venezia: XXXV Esposizione Internationale d'Arte, United States Pavilion, Venice, 1970

Ed Ruscha.Chocolate Room, 1970, installation view, Biennale di Venezia: XXXV Esposizione Internationale d'Arte, United States Pavilion, Venice, 1970



As part of this exhibition, Ruscha’s multisensory Chocolate Room (1970)—the artist’s only single-room installation—is presented in New York for the first time. Created for the United States pavilion during the 35th Venice Biennale in 1970, it represents a major moment in his use of unexpected materials due to its immersive scale and ephemeral nature. To create the work, the artist screenprinted chocolate paste onto hundreds of sheets of paper, lining the walls from floor to ceiling. Following its original presentation in Venice, the work has been refabricated for subsequent installations by the artist’s preferred fabricator, La Paloma Fine Arts, who also produced Chocolate Room on site for its presentation at MoMA.




Exhibition view of Carl Andre, Henge on 3 Right Thresholds (Meditation on the Year 1960), 1971 [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024]

Exhibition view of Carl Andre, Henge on
3 Right Thresholds (Meditation on the Year 1960)
, 1971

  Herbert Foundation – Loods

Drie focuspresentaties:

Hanne Darboven – Welttheater
Gilbert & George – Pink Elephants
Sol LeWitt – Grids


Woensdag: 14:00 – 18:00
Vrijdag: 14:00 – 18:00
Zaterdag: 14:00 – 18:00
Zondag : 14:00 – 18:00 + geleid bezoek om 16u30

The former private exhibition space of Annick and Anton Herbert showcases a new collection arrangement with works by Gerhard Richter, Carl Andre, Ed Ruscha, Donald Judd, Jan Vercruysse, Mike Kelley and others.

Open weekly on Sundays at 2.30pm on a guided tour.

Herbert Foundation
Coupure Links 627 A
B-9000 Gent
Tel: +32 (0)456 21 63 57



Artists' books in Herbert Foundation, Ghent, November 2023 [Edward Ruscha. A Book Accompanying the Exhibition of Prints, Drawings, and Books of Edward Ruscha at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (with Business Cards), 1971 Ed Ruscha, front and back cover for Art-Rite, No. 11-12 (Winter 1975 / Spring 1976) [The Collection Herbert, Herbert Foundation, October 01, 2023 – June 16, 2024] Edward Ruscha, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966 [Herbert Foundation Ghent, November 2023 Edward Ruscha, Artists' books in Herbert Foundation, Ghent, November 2023 Edward Ruscha, Artists' books in Herbert Foundation, Ghent, November 2023

Herbert Foundation, Ghent, November 2023 [Edward Ruscha, Artists' books]




Mario de Brabandere | L’Espace de la ligne
22 October -  26 November 2023

Opening Reception
Sunday 22 October, 2 - 6 pm

in the presence of the artist

Kristof De Clercq gallery
Tichelrei 86 (entrance via underpass next to 82)
9000 Ghent, Belgium

Opening hours:
Fri  - Sat - Sun, 2 - 6 pm,
and every day by appointment.


Mario De Brabander, Prehistorisch Ritme (Prehistoric Rhythm), series of 45 paintings on paper, 2023, Courtesy Gallery Kristof De Clercq

Mario De Brabander, Prehistorisch Ritme (Prehistoric Rhythm), series of 45 paintings on paper, 2023, Courtesy Gallery Kristof De Clercq





Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser
A group exhibition built around the work of the late Belgian artist Raoul De Keyser

17.12.2022 – 21.5.2023

Romestraat 11
8400 Oostende

Over the course of his nearly five-decade career, Raoul De Keyser (1930–2012) operated in an aesthetic territory that bridged the concrete mysteries of the everyday and the intangible world of abstraction. Developing an artistic practice that celebrated the ephemeral and the transitory as well as the most mundane aspects of life, the artist playfully created a painterly oeuvre inhabited by daydreams. Deriving his at times indefinable forms from the world around us, or alternately constructing a painterly lexicon from chance encounters, errors, and unintended consequences, De Keyser produced works whose depth belies their apparent simplicity.
Friends in a Field: Conversations with Raoul De Keyser takes the artist’s radical approach to an abstract painterly practice based on his own everyday experience as the beginning of a conversation with a diverse group of artists—both living and dead—whose work in different ways shares a similar openness. The connections between them are derived neither from an anxiety of influence nor from a slavish formal homology but rather from a shared sensibility and attentiveness to the fragile intangibility of the world. In their paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, these artists join De Keyser in translating what they see into material forms that present the world back to us as a kind of abstract visual poetry.
Friends in a Field brings together 40 paintings, 15 works on paper and 6 sculptures spanning seven decades by the fourteen artists on view. Whether in the intimately awkward yet full-throated embrace of abstract form in Amy Sillman’s paintings, the impulsive gestural brushstrokes and biomorphic forms of the legendary mid-century gallerist and artist Betty Parsons, or the mysterious papier-mâché sculptural forms of Vincent Fecteau which oscillate between the architectural and the organic, each of the artists in this exhibition demonstrate an empathetic affinity with De Keyser’s poetic vision.

Artists: Richard Aldrich, Forrest Bess, Matt Connors, René Daniëls, Raoul De Keyser, Vincent Fecteau, Maysha Mohamedi, Rebecca Morris, Betty Parsons, Amy Sillman, Ricky Swallow, Patricia Treib, Luc Tuymans, and Lesley Vance.


TEXT – SOUND – IMAGE, Guy Schraenen éditeur | Exhibition Demian Books  

TEXT – SOUND – IMAGE | Guy Schraenen éditeur

Demian Books
Hendrik Conscienceplein 16-18
B 2000 Antwerpen

Tel + 32 (0)3 233 32 48

On view from 9 March until 7 May 2023.

Opening: Thursday 9 March, 15.00 – 19.00 hrs.
16.00 hrs. Vital Schraenen says a few words.

Guy Schraenen (London 1941 – Paris 2018) was the founder of the Galerie Kontakt, of the publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur and of the Archive for Small Press & Communication (A.S.P.C.). He has also been an investigator and author of essays and various publications.

His various projects focused primarily on the many forms of artist publications of the various international avant-garde and independent art movements of the late 1950s to 1980s. As a producer, publisher, distributor, collector, curator, and investigator, he was probably the only protagonist to deal with this genre of art in all possible roles – making him an important link between artists, institutions, and the public.

The publications of Guy Schraenen éditeur can be found in all major artist’s book collections all over the world.

Read More


Künstlerbücher Editionen Buchobjekte

Künstlerbücher Editionen Buchobjekte

  EDITIONALE Köln 2022
Künstlerbücher Editionen Buchobjekte

Eröffnung: 11. März 2022, um 18.00 Uhr

- 11. März 2022, von 18.00 bis 21.00 Uhr
- 12. März 2022, von 11.00 bis 19.00 Uhr
- 13. März 2022, von 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek der Stadt Köln (Heinrich-Böll-Platz/Bischofsgartenstr. 1, 50667 Köln)

weitere informationen 

Teilnehmer 2022

Anna Helm / Halle
Atelier Rolf Jahn / Köln
Atelier Tita do Rêgo Silva / Hamburg
BARTLEBY & CO. / Brüssel (B)
Carivari – Presse / Leipzig
despalles éditions / Mainz – Paris (F)
Edition der Eusebius-Werke / Köln
Einhand Press / Landau
ERGO PERS / Gent (B)
Frauke Otto / Halle
Setsuko Fukushima / Meerbusch

Gerard Paperworks / Rheinbach
Gisela Tschauner / Frechen
Hedwig Krings / Düren
I. von Ketelhodt & P. Malutzki / Flörsheim
Karl-Friedrich Groß / Freiburg
Max Marek / Berlin
Michael Bensman & Tamara Ivanova / Berlin – Moskau (Rus)
Mühleisen-Presse / Köln
Nicolaus Werner / Wiesbaden
Serge Chamchinov & Anne Arc / Granville (F)
Veronika Schäpers / Karlsruhe


Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek. Bozar, Brussel, 2020


Philippe Vandenberg,  Molenbeek. De schriftuur van het schrijven, Bozar 2020

Philippe Vandenberg, Molenbeek. De schriftuur van het schrijven, Bozar 2020 © Ergo Pers


'We'll kick your ass out of St. John's Millbrook', Philippe Vandenberg,  Molenbeek, Bozar 2020
Philippe Vandenberg, Molenbeek,
Bozar 2020, We'll kick your ass
out of St. John's Millbrook

© Ergo Pers


Philippe Vandenberg,  Molenbeek. De schriftuur van het schrijven, Bozar 2020
Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek that is on view
in BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
(September 17, 2020-January 3, 2021)


Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek

The exhibition Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek is an eyewitness report. It is made up of large and small observations on paper, spanning Philippe Vandenberg’s final years, which he spent in Molenbeek. In his drawings and assemblages, Vandenberg takes the viewer on a tour of burlesque Molenbeek: an imaginary site where personal and collective traumas become entangled with metropolitan problems and global conflicts. Through this satirical universe, Vandenberg exposes the recurring structures of oppression, fundamentalism and one-dimensional thinking. Molenbeek is the first solo exhibition of the late works on paper by Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009). 

De tentoonstelling Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek bevat grote en kleine observaties op papier uit de laatste jaren van Philippe Vandenberg in zijn atelier te Molenbeek. In zijn tekeningen en assemblages neemt hij de toeschouwer aan de hand mee door een burlesk Molenbeek en een gekwetst innerlijk: een denkbeeldige wereld waar persoonlijke en collectieve trauma’s wonderlijk samenvallen. Enerzijds zien we een satirisch universum waarin Vandenberg de weerkerende structuren van onderdrukking, fundamentalisme en eenheidsdenken blootlegt, anderzijds geeft hij de toeschouwer een inkijk in een getormenteerd, extatisch en soms gewelddadig persoonlijk leven. Zijn tekeningen zijn een document humain waarin de grote worstelingen met de kunst of het schilderij, de liefde, de taal, ouder worden, impotentie en de confrontatie met verval verbeeld worden. In de centrale hal op het einde van de tentoonstelling worden tekeningen op een als een swastika opgestelde tafel gepresenteerd, zoals Vandenberg dat al deed in de inkomhal van Visite, een tentoonstelling in het Museum van Schone Kunsten te Gent. Rond deze zaal hangen enkele schitterende ensembles met teksttekeningen op groot formaat.
Un Grand Amour Suffit is een tweeluik dat het brandpunt lijkt te vormen van deze laatste zalen. Een bezwering die lang nazindert.

Het is de grote sprijdstand in het leven en het werk van Philippe Vandenberg. De ondraaglijke schoonheid van verval. 
In de spiegel zien we de poseur, de kunstenaar die krampachtig probeert te schrijven. Een eigen taal probeert terug te vinden. Woorden zoekt. Woorden en zinnen als een mantra oneindig blijft herhalen.

Un seul amour ne suffit pas.

Each man kills the thing he loves

Kill them all and dance

Prions pour la madonna de Molenbeek

We'll kick your ass out of St. John's Millbrook

Het levert schitterende tekeningen op.

Molenbeek is de eerste solotentoonstelling rond de late werken op papier van Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009), na eerdere, fragmentarische presentaties in Museum De Pont (Tilburg) en MSK Gent.

Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek is de eerste solotentoonstelling rond de late werken op papier van Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009).

BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

You can already take a virtual dive via our 3D scans.

Learn more about Philippe Vandenberg’s Molenbeek years

Watch Philippe Vandenberg working in his studio in Ghent

Read Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek - De Witte Raaf



Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek, De schriftuur van het schrijven (detail), Bozar 2020 Philippe Vandenberg,  Molenbeek. De schriftuur van het schrijven, Bozar 2020 Each man kills the thing he loves, Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek, Bozar 2020 Philippe Vandenberg, Each man kills the thing he loves, Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek, Bozar 2020 Prions pour la madonna de Molenbeek, Philippe Vandenberg, Molenbeek, Bozar 2020

Verscheurde schoonheid. Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek, Paleis voor Scjone Kunsten, Bozar, Brussel, 2020 © Ergo Pers


1e Editionale Wien

Vom 06.03.2020 – 08.03.2020 findet die 1.EDITIONALE Wien
in den Räumen der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien,
Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 7, 1030 Wien




Atelier Tina Flau | Potsdam (D)
Atelier llona Kiss | Budapest (H)
Pina u. Jean Delvaux | Luxemburg (L)
Edition Klaus Raasch | Hamburg (D)
Edition Thanhäuser | Ottensheim (A)
Edition Thurnhof | Horn (A)
Einhand Press | Landau (D)
ERGO PERS | Gent (B)
Setsuko Fukushima | Meerbusch (D)
Franziska Füchsl | Wien (A)
Gerard Paperworks | Rheinbach (D)
T. Ivanova ·M. Bensman | Berlin (0)
l. v. Ketelhodt ·P. Malutzki | Flörshelm (0)
Max Marek | Berlin (0)
Mühlelsen • Presse | Kôln (D)
REDFOXPRESS | Achill Island (IRL)
Veronika Schäpers | Karlsruhe (D)
Universität für angewandte Kunst | Wien (A)



6 - 8 Marz 2020 Eintrit frei
Freitag. 6. Marz von 18 bis 21 Uhr
Samstag, 7. MJlrz von 13 bis 19 Uhr
Sonntag. 8. Marz von 11 bis 18 Uhr





The Art Couch | de community van en voor kunstliefhebbers! is een overbodig platform voor hedendaagse kunst.
Artcouch heeft niets aan kunst of hedendaagse kunst toe te voegen. Het is arbitrair en banaal in zijn keuze's van onderwerpen of kunstenaars, het is regressief, mainstream en oppervlakkig.



Hanns Schimansky | L’Espace de la ligne
February 16 - May 4, 2019

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger | Paris, Marais
Opening Saturday 16th, beginning at 3PM


Untitled, 2018, ink on paper, photo © Eric Tschernow, Courtesy Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris
Hanns Schimansky, Untitled, 2018,
ink on paper, 8,5 x 11,5 in
Courtesy Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Paris

The melodic and rhythmic scores that are Hanns Schimansky’s drawings are not abstractions, nor are they the manifestation, “ captured ” by the eye, of the existence that surrounds us, but rather seismic expressions of being. A breathing, fragile, trembling and eternal “ Dasein ” that freed itself by escaping laws, speaks through Schimansky’s hand, as does jazz in its extreme form, free improvisation, a music composed in the moment.

Eugen Blume


L’Espace de la ligne is the German artist’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery since 2008. Drawings in pen and India Ink, drawings in graphite pencil on prepared paper, foldings, pastels, and chalk... These are scriptural drawings, imaginary writing, landscape variations and adventures, all emblematic of the “ composer ” Schimansky revealing the scores of a life captured in the instant, each vibrating with the intensity of the moment. In their spatiality and the incessant play of tension of the line, color and surface of the paper, these works awaken the spectator to a sensory experience provoked by the subtle nuances of their folds.


Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger | Paris, Marais -
5 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris
Tel : +33 1 42 72 60 42




Philippe Vandenberg | Kamikaze

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is showing the most extensive retrospective to date of the work of Belgian artist Philippe Vandenberg (1952–2009), comprising some 80 paintings and over 120 drawings and prints. This is the first show devoted to Vandenberg in Germany, inviting visitors to discover an important artist who may be unfamiliar to them. Highly acclaimed in his home country of Belgium, Vandenberg produced a radical and unsparing œuvre that is just now achieving greater international prominence. The title of the exhibition, Kamikaze, describes the artist’s drastic working methods and results, a basic precept of which is that creativity is only possible through the deliberate destruction of what has gone before. Going beyond any single artistic “style”, Vandenberg created complex images of our times which resonate with both contemporary pertinence and existential significance. The majority of the works on loan came from the artist’s estate and are now being presented to the public for the first time.
© Hamburger Kunsthalle

The most extensive exhibition of Philippe Vandenberg to date, at the Hamburger Kunsthalle - Germany.

Curated by Dr. Brigitte Kölle

16 November 2018 - 24 February 2019
Opening: 15 November 2018 - 7pm



Philippe Vandenberg(1952-2009), Kamikaze



Hanns Schimansky, The Sound of Drawing     Hanns Schimansky, The Sound of Drawing

Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery Lisbon

Rua Serpa Pinto 1, Chiado, 1200-442 Lisboa
Tel : +351 213 461 525

April 6 - June 9, 2018
Opening April 5th, from 6.30 pm

The Sound of Drawing exhibition is Hanns Schimansky’s third solo exhibition at the Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery and his fi rst at its recently inaugurated venue in Lisbon. The exhibition includes Schimansky's latest drawings and a selection of representative works from recent years.
Throughout the years, Hanns Schimansky has been patiently developing an original form of visual poetics that stems from a strong ethical stance: a deliberate choice to make drawing his exclusive practice.


Hanns Schimansky, The Sound of Drawing

Hanns Schimansky, Untitled, 2015. Chalk and graphite on paper 8,3 x 11,8 in




WIELS organizes for the third time in September the WIELS Art Book Fair presenting over 50 artists, publishers & collectors who offer art books, artists’ books, photo books, catalogues, periodicals & other printed matter to the public. On Saturday and Sunday, a complementary programme of presentations, lectures and other related events will be presented.

Opening hours for the fair:
Friday 08.09.2017  | 18.00 - 21.00
Weekend ( Saturday - Sunday 09.09 - 10.09.2017)  | 11.00 -18.00

WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre
Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels

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    Jürgen Partenheimer, Lichtschwarm


144-152 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3TQ
020 7930 5373

Apr 28 - Jun 18, 2017
Private view Thu Apr 27 6pm - 8pm

An exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture by renowned German artist Jürgen Partenheimer is presented as part of the ongoing ‘Inside the White Cube’ programme.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Lichtschwarm
Preview: Thursday 27 April, 6-8.00pm
28 April – 18 June 2017
North Galleries and 9 x 9 x 9, Bermondsey



    Colloquium: Artist’s books and bibliophile editions in Belgium (1950-2015)

The Royal Library has a considerable collection of contemporary artist’s books and bibliophile editions; some of these special editions are bought by the Library while others find their way to the Library via Legal Deposit.

This colloquium aims:

to draw the public’s attention to the rich and varied production
to put this production into an (art-)historical context
to explore the challenges connected to the storage and preservation of these books, which are often very fragile.
We have chosen for a multidisciplinary approach to include many relevant aspects of this topic: the history of books, the history of bibliophily, art history, the reality of artistic creation and research, conservation and preservation.

The contributions made by writers, artists and graphic designers. Are these editions still considered published works in the traditional sense (text has priority, traditional typography and limited editions) or are we talking about pure art and creation? Do these exceptional publications receive the international attention they deserve? Numerous artists and graphic designers explain their views on the reality of their work, among them Rein Ergo , Vaast Colson, Luc Derijcke, Saskia Gevaert, Pierre-Jean Foulon, Thorsten Baensch and Julie Gilman.

Artists’ books and bibliophile editions in Belgium. A retrospective of recent developments (1950-2015).
26 & 27 January 2017
Royal Library of Belgium

Carole Vanderlinden, artists'book     Presentation of the new Ergo Pers artist book Bougainvillea, including seven etchings by Carole Vanderlinden and eleven poems by Inge Braeckman, on December 21st at 7 pm at BOZAR, Brussels. The book, published in a limited edition of 26 copies, will be introduced by Paul Dujardin, director of BOZAR, in the presence of a.o., the poet, the artist, Philippe Van Cauteren, Clara François, ManfreDu Schu, Patrick van Ommeslaeghe, Ralph Dumand and Honoré d'O.

Presentation Bougainvillea, Bozar, Brussels
21 december 2016, at 7 pm
BOZAR, Baron Hortastraat 11, 1000 Brussels



Hanns Schimansky, o.T., 2016, Faltung,
Tusche, 74x87 cm

Hanns Schimansky

Ausstellung vom 28.10.2016 – 13.12.2016

Galerie Inga Kondeyne
Carmerstraße 10 ,am Savignyplatz
10623 Berlin

Di - Fr 13 - 18 Uhr
Sa 12 - 17 Uhr

    Jürgen Partenheimer, Lichtschwarm, White Cube Bermondsey

Jürgen Partenheimer, Lichtschwarm
28 April – 18 June 2017
North Galleries and 9 x 9 x 9, Bermondsey

    Inside the White Cube
Jürgen Partenheimer, Lichtschwarm

White Cube Bermondsey
144-152 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3TQ
020 7930 5373

Apr 28 - Jun 18, 2017
Private view Thu Apr 27 6pm - 8pm

An exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture by renowned German artist Jürgen Partenheimer is presented as part of the ongoing ‘Inside the White Cube’ programme.

    London, Sculpture in the City
Jürgen Partenheimer, Axis Mundi (1997/2014), London, Sculpture in the City 2016

Jürgen Partenheimer, World Axis, 1997/2014

    The public art exhibition, Sculpture in the City, returns this summer with a selection of contemporary art pieces in and around the Square Mile.
The City of London’s annual public art programme, Sculpture in the City, places contemporary art works in unexpected locations, providing a visual juxtaposition to the capital’s insurance district.
Large-scale pieces to include works by Sarah Lucas, William Kentridge & Gerhard Marx, Sir Anthony Caro, Enrico David, Jürgen Partenheimer, Jaume Plensa and Giuseppe Penone.
The 2016 exhibition is on display from 28 June onwards.

'World Axis' | Jürgen Partenheimer | 1997/2014

The colour of the bronze cubes of Axis Mundi is predominantly ultramarine blue, divided in three translucent chromatic shades, which create an ascending, changing rhythm on all sides of the sculpture. The cubes are stacked one on top of the other to produce an open-ended vertical, whereby their mutual similarity emphasises a dynamic, upward thrusting pattern. The term "axis mundi - world axis" refers to a universal symbol, which finds its origin in anthropological and theological interpretations of the vertical bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth - representing a site of spiritual energy.
The abstract minimalism of the sculpture as well as the pictorial quality of the ultramarine colouring emphasise its unique energy in any chosen dialogue with architecture and nature. Art, science and pure sensation unite in the abstraction of a seemingly endless vertical.

Map of Artworks


Jürgen Partenheimer, »100/1 Eugenio Montale,
Nelle vene del mundo«, 2015,
Courtesy Häusler Contemporary

Jürgen Partenheimer 'One Hundred Poets' | Part 1

Häusler Contemporary Munich
May 12 – June 30, 2016 | extended until June 30, 2016
Reading by Jürgen Partenheimer: June 1, 2016, 7 pm

10 Minutes Talks: every Wednesday in June 2016, 7 pm

10 Minutes Talks | »Afterhour« Mittwoch im Juni 2016

15.06.16 »Zur Lyrik von Octavio Paz«
Daniel Graziadei, Institut für Romanische
Philologie, LMU München

22.06.16 »Bild und Text«
Isabell Ertl
»Hokusai – 100 poets«
Simone Stoll

29.06.16 »Urne und Urania | Zu Versen von Anna
Achmatova und Joseph Brodsky«
Johanna Renate Döring, ehem. Institut für
Slavische Philologie, LMU München



Image: Jürgen Partenheimer, »100/1 Eugenio Montale, Nelle vene del mundo«, 2015 | india ink, watercolor and pencil on paper | 60.5 x 78.5 cm | photo: Wolfgang Grümer | Courtesy Häusler Contemporary



Carole Vanderlinden, La salle à manger de l'hôtel Leys, portraits et autres paysages imaginaires, Mechelen De Garage, 2016
    Carole Verlinden | La salle à manger de l'hôtel Leys, portraits et autres paysages imaginaires

Carole Vanderlinden (°1973) toont in De Garage een ruime selectie van recente schilderijen en een serie van vijftig tekeningen die ze maakte tijdens haar residentie in Parijs vorig jaar.
Bij Ergo Pers is een kunstenaarsboek in voorbereiding met tekst van Inge Braeckman en etsen van Carole Vanderlinden. Cultuurcentrum Mechelen De Garage

16 april 2016 - 12 juni 2016
Openingsuren: donderdag - zondag | 13:00 - 18:00


5. März bis 30. April 2016

Galerie Geiger
Fischmarkt 5a
D-78462 Konstanz

Di. - Fr. 13.30 - 18.00 Uhr, Sa. 11.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Die Galerie Geiger präsentiert seit 40 Jahren Ausstellungen
moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst.

Im Zentrum des Galerieprogramms steht die Avantgarde der 1960er
Jahre (von Assemblage Art bis ZERO) sowie die Tradition der
konstruktiv-konkreten Kunst Süddeutschlands und der Schweiz.


Armando – Bruchstücke / Brokstukken

28.02. - 08.05.2016
Potsdam Museum - Forum für Kunst und Geschichte
Am Alten Markt 9
14467 Potsdam

Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016 - 10:00 bis Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016 - 18:00

Ergo Pers in het Haags Gemeentemuseum

Main d’œuvre in Gemeentemuseum The Hague

3 10 2015 - 3 01 2016
Opening 3 October

Ever since it was founded by Rein Ergo twenty years ago, publishing house Ergo Pers has been bringing writers and artists together for the specific purpose of creating artist’s books that are at the same time autonomous works of art. These luxury editions, with their fine typography and original illustrations by modern artists, are the subject of this autumn’s exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum’s Berlage Room. In Main d’œuvre – 20 years of Ergo Pers, the books will be shown in relation to original prints by Constant, Armando, Jürgen Partenheimer, Pierre Alechinsky and others.



Tentoonstelling van 3 oktober 2015 - 3 januari 2016

Tentoonstelling van 3 oktober 2015t t/m3 januari 2016 in de zalen van het Prentenkabinet in het Gemeentemuseum.
Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV Den Haag, Nederland
Open 11:00–17:00
Closed on Monday

Hanns Schimansky, o. T. | 1987 
Tusche | Faltung | 100 x 75 cm     Hanns Schimansky – Parcours
Zeichnungen, Faltungen
Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
1. November 2015 – 13. März 2016

Mario De Brabandere in Siena, Galeria Fuoricampo    

Mario De Brabandere in Siena, Galeria Fuoricampo

Tapping in the Dark presenta il lavoro di tre artisti di diversa generazione accomunati da una certa attitudine sperimentale e dalla consapevolezza dell'imprevedibile occasionalità offerta dall'opera che nasce dalla continua frequentazione del proprio studio, ma spesso aldilà di ogni previsione e prima ancora del loro riconoscimento. In tutto ciò l'intenzionalità di un'azione o di una serie di passaggi, rivela l'inatteso, trasmettendo una complicata tensione verso la variabile temporale, e sposta l'attenzione sui residui delle operazioni già avvenute, dal cui incontro cogliere i contorni della scoperta improvvisa.

Belgio, 1963 / Vive e lavora a Ghent, Belgio.

Via Salicotto 1/3, angolo Piazza del Campo


Jürgen Partenheimer, Calliope
20 novembre 2015 20 mars 2016
Musée Ariana, Génève

Loin de se contenter d’appliquer des décors sur des modèles prédéterminés, Partenheimer s’est immergé dans le processus complexe de fabrication de la porcelaine, se jouant des potentialités du matériau. Ecartant la pratique industrielle du coulage, il fait monter les formes élaborées de ses contenants au tour, afin de mieux faire vibrer une surface mise en œuvre par la main de l’homme.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Häusler Contemporary Lustenau    

Jürgen Partenheimer »Metaphysics«
September 25, 2015 – February 2016

Häusler Contemporary Lustenau

Haus 2226
Millennium Park 20
AT – 6890 Lustenau


With his abstract poetic works, Jürgen Partenheimer ranks among the seminal postitions in contemporary art. In our exhibition space at «be Lustenau» we present selected paintings, drawings and sculptures of the past fifteen years, thus providing an insight into the amazing spectrum of Partenheimer’s art. The philosophical discipline of «Metaphysics» seeks for coherences behind the tangible appearance of our world. By choosing this term to entitle his exhibition in our gallery space at «be» in Lustenau, Jürgen Partenheimer points out that abstract art is not to be understood as self-referential. It rather reveals the potential to visualize the nonrepresentable and thus to create spaces of thought. The exhibition in Lustenau presents Partenheimer’s unique approach by giving insight into the wide range of his artistic oeuvre: texts, paintings, drawings and sculptures of the past fifteen years reveal how his “metaphysical thinking” endows the emblematic and self-evident visual language of his work. Nonobjective forms hint at an interpretation, which immediately seems to evade any conceptuality. The two «Carmen» paintings of 2006 and 2007 for example combine elements which are reminiscent of natural phenomena. Moreover the compositions seem to follow their own legitimacy, which keeps the search for meaning, the growing and the solution of form in a steady flow. Both works also demonstrate Partenheimer’s distinctive ownness in applying the style of drawing not only to his work on paper, but also to his paintings. Next to intensely colorful paintings are pictures of «ethereal» linear lightness like «Lichtschwarm (Fadensonnen)», 2013 or «Litotes», 2011/13. The title of the «Carme» works, of which there a three in the exhibition, originated from an exhibition Partenheimer installed at the museum IVAM in Valencia in 1998, situated in a former Carmelite monastery. The sacral building encouraged a specific format Partenheimer continued to use as one of his standard formats for his paintings. As regards content, residencies are always sources of inspiration to new series of works. On view in Lustenau are drawings and etchings from the «Raven Diaries» series, created in Vancouver during a residency invitation in 2014. Partenheimer’s characteristic language of form also manifests itself in his sculpture. In Lustenau, we are pleased to present the wide range of his sculptural work with objects made of stoneware, porcelain and wood. Among those is a work from a «key series» by the artist: «Weltachse (Lager)», 1993/2000, which refers to the mythological perception of the connection between heaven and earth. Partenheimer expressed this topic in several ways. In the year 2000, a 7.2 meter version of a sculpture made of 15 bronze cubes was presented in the Forbidden City of Beijing on the occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition at Beijing’s National Museum of Art. It was the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to a German artist in China.

Deborah Keller, Häusler Contemporary (Press release)




Hanns Schimansky jusqu'au bout du jardin... | 20 September 2014 - 15 November 2014

Galerie Jaeger Bucher is pleased to present new works by the artist Hanns Schimansky with a solo show entitled jusqu'au bout du jardin ... that will take place in the Marais space from September 20 to November 29, 2014.

5 & 7 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris France

Mario De Brabandere


    Mario De Brabandere

14 September - 26 October 2014
Kristof De Clercq Gallery, Ghent

Jürgen Partenheimer, the beginning of a new "Diary" in Vancouver: The Raven Diaries

Presentatie van A la rêveuse matière,
The Archive, Munich 2014


Uber den Irrtum, 1999, Edition Ennui, Cologne
Courtesy Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Copyright©Jürgen Partenheimer



Folded Spirits, 2011-2012, David Krut Publishing, Johannesburg and New York



Jürgen Partenheimer | Het Archief

28 June – 9 November 2014
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

[From the press release]

Jürgen Partenheimer (b. Munich, 1947) is one of the most striking, philosophical and most literary artists of our day. His work is renowned for its minimalistic but highly poetic visual idiom. Early in his career, he gained international fame at the biennales of Paris, Venice and São Paulo. The Archive looks back on a career that has lasted more than 35 years. The exhibition is the fruit of a unique collaborative project involving the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg / Sammlung Falckenberg and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. The show at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will bring together paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculptures and artist’s books. A particularly noteworthy feature will be the presence of the original model of Weltachse, a vertical axis built of stacked blue cubes, now on loan from a private collection in the Netherlands and back in the museum where it had its first showing twenty years ago.

The Archive will be the third presentation of Partenheimer’s work at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. In 1993 Weltachse (‘World Axis’) was exhibited as part of one of the first site-specific shows to be held in the museum’s Projects Gallery. The original wooden version of Weltachse was to become the model for a bronze version twice its size, which was displayed in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark to coincide with the Partenheimer retrospective at the city’s Stedelijk Museum. The vast sculpture subsequently travelled the world, being exhibited as far away as China’s Forbidden City before returning to the Netherlands to be shown in the courtyard garden of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in 2000.

The forthcoming exhibition, The Archive is like a journey through memory. The artist has selected works from early and late in his career to form an impressively orchestrated presentation that unites the past with the present and blends personal recollections with associations and fragments from our collective memory. Partenheimer sums up the project as follows: ‘The exhibition alludes to an artist’s archive. I see this not simply as a physical place where artworks are stored. It is also a synonym for everything that exists, all fantasy and imagination, all memory and reality.’ The Archive has already been shown in varying forms at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and the Deichtorhallen / Sammlung Falckenberg in Hamburg. Following the presentation in The Hague, it will travel to the Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG) in Vancouver. Each of its appearances features a rather different selection of works. For example, the exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag will include additional works borrowed from collections in the Netherlands. The various presentations are linked by a book entitled Jürgen Partenheimer, Das Archiv / The Archive, published last January by German publishers Distanz Verlag. The book was designed in close collaboration with the artist and contains German and English-language contributions by authors from a range of disciplines, including Anne Carson, Franz Kaiser, Lebogang Mashile, Carla Schulz-Hoffmann, Rudi Fuchs and Nigel Prince.

Jürgen Partenheimer has carved out a niche of his own within the field of abstract art. Questioning the mainstream of development in trends, his ‘metaphysical abstract’ art has become a highly personal universe in which drawings, sculptures and artist’s books open the gates to a new spiritual reality. In his exploration, he links together art, music, philosophy and literature, but drawing remains the basis. Partenheimer is regarded as one of the most important artists working in Germany today. Not only has his work won a host of national and international awards and distinctions, but he was the first contemporary German artist ever to be given a retrospective in China (shown at the National Gallery in Beijing and the Nanjing Museum in Nanjing). This year he has received the Audain Distinguished Residency Award, one of the foremost Canadian art prizes, from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver.

Philippe Vandenberg, Untitled, 2008
Oil on canvas
    Philippe Vandenberg Dog Day
Curated by Harald Falckenberg

30 August – 8 November 2014, Hauser & Wirth Zürich

Hauser & Wirth is pleased to present the work of the Belgian artist Philippe Vandenberg for the first time in Switzerland. Curated by Harald Falckenberg, 'Philippe Vandenberg. Dog Day' comprises oil paintings that were predominantly created in the decade before Vandenberg's death in 2009.

Hauser & Wirth
Limmatstrasse 270
8005 Zurich

Solo exhibitions at the Langen Foundation in Neuss and the S.M.A.K. in Ghent are currently being planned.

Jürgen Partenheimer | The Archive

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
31. January – 21. April 2014
(Opening: 30. January 2014)

The Archive, the artist’s physical and mental »storage«, unites retrospection with the present and the individual and cultural memory in an impressive presentation. Works from different periods and of various media will be brought together – selected artists’ books and texts, paintings, works on paper and sculptures will explore the evocativeness of their form and content. The installation as an image of singularity and disparity is to open up subjective and reflexive spaces for visitors to experience.

Jürgen Partenheimer has outlined the project as follows: »The artist’s archive is neither a place nor a room; it is a synonym for everything that exists and has been gathered together within and beyond an open terrain, both imaginary and real.«

Jürgen Partenheimer (born in 1947 in Munich) is internationally renowned for his multifaceted work. In his artistic formulations, constructive elements of minimal art are combined with lyrical intensity. With critical awareness Partenheimer measures and maps the freedom of art that is continuously being redefined as well as its practice. As a representative of subjective abstraction he is one of the most important contemporary German artists.

The exhibition in Munich forms part of an open cooperation with the Sammlung Falckenberg, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver, exploring site and space-related installation concepts. Parallel to the different exhibitions, all of which will be held in 2014, participating institutions are closely working on a publication with the author that aims at commenting on and integrating the various aspects of his work as an additional ‘fifth room’. International authors from a variety of different disciplines, including Anne Carson, Lebogang Mashile, Carla Schulz-Hoffmann, John Burnside, Oswald Egger and Rudi Fuchs, have taken up the invitation to write contributions and become involved in this project.
Giuseppe Penone | Germinazione

Jan Vercruysse | and then there were none
The work of Jan Vercruysse is characterized by his razor-sharp vision and very focused approach to its central themes. Vercruysse mostly works in series, of which the individual works have many formal similarities, as if they are variations on the same theme.

Tucci Russo Studio per l'Arte Contemporanea
Via Stamperia 9 , 10066 Torre Pellice (Torino) , Italy

Opening 1st December 2013
Wednesday - Sunday
10.30 am - 1.00 pm
and 3.00 pm - 7.00 pm


Contemporary Days Paris 2013 Rencontres Exposition

Préfigureation d'une nouvelle plateforme du livre d'artiste

8-10 novembre 2013

arc editions (London/UK) - La Boîte 31 (Paris/F) - ctl-presse (Hamburg/D) - Christophe Daviet-Thery éditions (Paris/F) - despailles éditions (Mainz/D) - Mfc-Michèle Didier (Paris/F) - Ergo Pers Artists'Books (Gent/B) - Édition Yvon Lambert (Paris/F) - Florence Loewy éditions (Paris/F) - Royal Book Lodge (Montreuil/F) - Veronika Schäpers (Berlin/D) - Michael Woolworth Publications (Paris/F)

Espace Topographie de l'Art | 15 rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris |

8,9 et 10 novembre 11 - 19 h
Vernissage 8 novembre

Accès Métro:
Saint Pau (ligne 1)l, St Sebastien Froissard/Chemin Vert (ligne 8)

Les journées ABC Days sont présentées dans l’ Espace Topographie de l’Art,
un espace d’exposition indépendant à quelques pas du Musée Picasso au cœur du Marais. Elles sont animées par une série de débats-rencontres, conversations et projections auxquelles participent éditeurs et artistes, pour ouvrir un dialogue
avec le public et enrichir la réflexion autour du livre d’artiste.

Espace Topographie de l'Art | 15 rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris |

8,9 et 10 novembre 11 - 19 h
Vernissage 8 novembre

Accès Métro:
Saint Pau (ligne 1)l, St Sebastien Froissard/Chemin Vert (ligne 8)

Préfiguration d’une manifestation annuelle, ce “numéro zéro” présente des livres d’artiste signés et numérotés, à tirage limité. Les ouvrages contemporains exposés sont réalisés en collaboration avec des artistes internationaux dont John Armleder, Monique Frydman, Loris Gréaud, Andy Hope 1930, Leigh Ledare, Allan McCollum, Jürgen Partenheimer, Stéphane Pencréac’h, Michael Riedel, Didier Rittener ou Gérard Traquandi, avec des éditeurs ou libraires tels que Florence Loewy, Yvon Lambert, mfc-michèle didier, Ergo Pers ou Royal Book Lodge.
Chaque éditeur dévoile en exclusivité un ou deux projets récents.


le samedi 9 novembre 2013

15h30 – Michael Woolworth Publications, Stéphane Pencréac’h
16h00 – Clemens-Tobias Lange
16h30 – Yvon Lambert
17h00 – Ergo Pers
17h30 – Christophe Daviet-Théry
18h00 – La Boîte 31, Jan Svenungsson

le dimanche 10 novembre 2013

15h30 – Despalles éditions
16h00 – Librairie Florence Loewy
16h30 – Michèle Didier
17h00 – Arc Editions, Karen Bleitz
17h30 – Veronika Schäpers
18h00 – Royal Book Lodge, Juli Susin


ABC Days Paris | Préfigureation d'une nouvelle plateforme du livre d'artiste



Suzan Frecon
Suzan Frecon

NOVEMBER 15, 2013 - JANUARY 25, 2014
Opening reception: 14 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 6PM

Visiting Hours
Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm - 6pm

Galerie Greta Meert
Vaartstraat 13 Rue du Canal
1000 Bruxelles

[Images copyright©Galerie Greta Meert and Suzan Frecon]

      Georg Baselitz -Eugène Leroy. Le récit et la condensation

MUba Eugène Leroy, musée des beaux-arts de Tourcoing
11.10.2013 - 24.02.2014

The exhibition presents a wide selection of works of German artist Baselitz put in persepective with Eugene Leroy's work. 25 large-framed paintings (4x3m) by Baselitz from various times of his career are associated to many drawings and etchings by Leroy. This event if the first Baselitz exhibitiontaking place inside a Northern France museum. Baselitz's work is about an expressive stroke and about colourful layers, Leroy's is about thickness and layering: the dialogue between two major artists, one from the 20th century and the other one from the 21st, shines a light on the way their plastic work go together, in a most interesting and compelling way.

MUba Eugène Leroy
2 rue Paul Doumer

Georg Baselitz – Eugène Leroy. Le récit et la condensation, Evelyne-Dorothée Allemand, Georg Baselitz, Rainer Michael Mason, Paris, 2013, coédition Somogy édition d’art l MUba Eugène Leroy, 144 pages, 22€

Download pressrelease

      Offprint Amsterdam 2012

Offprint, a concept of former journalist, bookseller and publisher, Yannick Bouillis, is a book fair of international publishers, artists and designers showcasing the best of contemporary art publications. Focusing on independent publishing communities, Offprint is a meeting place for artists, photographers, graphic designers, curators, artistic directors, journalists and collectors. For the first time, Offprint will take place in Amsterdam.

Participants of Offprint Amsterdam 2012 include ABC Artists's Books Cooperative, Alauda Publications, APE, Art Beat Publishers, Art Kitchen, Bas Fontein, Boekie Woekie, Catalogue Library,Dirk Bakker Books, Ditto Press, Filmfreaks, FW:, Gallery A Girls Like Us, Horror Vacui, JapSamBooks, Johan Deumens Gallery, Ideabooks, KesselsKramer Publishing, Kodoji, Kominek, Luiscius, Mack, Morel Books, Metropolis M, Mister Motley, Morad Bouchakour, Niessen & de Vries, O Book Publisher, Our Polite Society, Philippe Karrer, Pierre Von Kleist, Platform, Polly's picture show, Post Editions, PrintRoom, Reflex Art Publications, Revolver Publishing, Roma Publications, RVB Books, San Serriffe, Sea Urchin Editions, Service Illustratif, Sleeperhold Publications, The Sochi Project, The Session, Ursula Jernberg, Valiz, Van Zoetendaal, Vice Versa Vertrieb, Waterfall Magazine, Wilders Web Winkel


Jürgen Partenheimer | Renga
8 September through 13 October 2012

The works on paper in the exhibition Renga were made by Jürgen Partenheimer (Munich, Germany, 1947) during his first visit to South Africa in 2011. For three months Partenheimer was resident at the Nirox Foundation outside of Johannesburg, in the world heritage site known as the Cradle of the World. Here he created an archive of images and texts, partly direct observations, partly imaginary. This South African Diary in which also direct studies after nature can be found (a branch from a thorn-bush, excrements of wild animals he saw coming by) constitutes the basis of a larger group of works. In South Africa Partenheimer made drawings, watercolours, a suite of prints and an artist’s book he made in cooperation with the poet Lebogang Masile of whose work he is a big fan. The series of paintings inspired by all of this came into being later, upon the return to his German studio. In the opening exhibition of the new season Galerie Onrust shows a broad selection from the Renga series.A publication Works Renga with an essay by Bronwyn Law-Viljoen is available.

Galerie Onrust Amsterdam | Planciusstraat 7 | 1013 md Amsterdam | nlt +31 (0)20 420 2219 | f +31 (0)20 420 | info@galerieonrust.nlWednesday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm, and by appointment

Jürgen Partenheimer, folded spirits, Häusler Contemporary München, 2012

Jürgen Partenheimer, Carme (Tracks #30),
2012,Öl auf Leinwand, 50 x 45 cm
Courtesy: Häusler Contemporary München | Zürich

Jürgen Partenheimer »folded spirits«
Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2012, 11 - 23 Uhr
Ausstellung: 14. Mai – 30. Juni 2012

Die Ausstellung »Folded Spirits. Südafrikanisches Tagebuch« zeigt erstmals alle 32 Papierarbeiten des neuen Künstlertagebuches von Jürgen Partenheimer, das 2011 in Südafrika entstanden ist. Großformatige Papierarbeiten und Ölgemälde, die in engem Bezug zum Tagebuch stehen, werden ebenfalls bei Häusler Contemporary präsentiert.


Raoul De Keyser    v e r j a a r d a g e n
until June 3rd

Lia Schellekens organiseert met haar vzw Tweede Natuur tentoonstellingsprojecten met kunstenaars die een sterke band met de natuur hebben. In haar lentetentoonstelling (van 25 maart tot 29 april, alleen in het weekend) presenteert ze werk van Raoul De Keyser en van Joanna Mowbray.
Van Raoul De Keyser toont ze ‘v e r j a a r d a g e n', een reeks kleine waterverven die de kunstenaar maakte tussen 1999-2012. Het betreft een intieme tentoonstelling samengesteld uit een privécollectie, waarvan eveneens een gesigneerd boekje verkrijgbaar is.

Lia Schelkens
Paardenmarkt 90
2980 Halle Zoersel (Antwerp)


Karel Dierickx, Le pays de Rimbaud (1), 2011
Abstract? The nature of the painting
Roger Raveelmuseum from 8. April till 17. June 2012

Karel Dierickx, Eugène Leroy, Roger Raveel, Pierre Tal Coat, Bram van Velde & Maurice Wyckaert
The exhibition Abstract? The nature of the painting at the Roger Raveelmuseum is dedicated to artists whose “abstraction” is based on the perception of reality. It questions the construction of the pictural image, from figuration to absbstraction and vice-versa. Painting of nature becomes the nature of the painting. It is the expression of a characteristical attitude of a number of European artists who, at the end of the 1950’s and the beginning of the 1960’s – independantly from each other – developped an artistic practice in which the act of painting depends in essence from the act of looking.

Examples of this already historical period are found in the work of Eugène Leroy (F), Roger Raveel (B), Pierre Tal-Coat (F), Bram van Velde (NL & F) and Maurice Wyckaert (B). In the case of Karel Dierickx (B), we are facing a contemporary practice that continues to reinforce an inexhaustable pictorial position.

Roger Raveelmuseum – Gildestraat 2-8, B-9870 Machelen-Zulte (Belgium)


Ronald Noorman in Museum De Pont, Tilburg, 2011

Krijtdiertje, (Otwornice) with poetry by Wislawa Szymborska,
and lithography by Ronald Noorman
(first draft of the cover)

Museum De Pont | March 18, 14 00 | Presentation of Krijtdiertjes, a limited edition artist's book with poems by Wislawa Szymborska and prints by Ronald Noorman.

In 2012 Ergo Pers will publish a limited edition artist's book with Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska and Ronald Noorman, in which the minimalism of Noorman is juxtaposed to the wit and deceptive simplicity of Szymborska's poetry.
Well-known in her native Poland, Wislawa Szymborska received international recognition when she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996. In awarding the prize, the Academy praised her “poetry that with ironic precision allows the historical and biological context to come to light in fragments of human reality.”

In the New York Times Book Review, Stanislaw Baranczak wrote, “The typical lyrical situation on which a Szymborska poem is founded is the confrontation between the directly stated or implied opinion on an issue and the question that raises doubt about its validity. The opinion not only reflects some widely shared belief or is representative of some widespread mind-set, but also, as a rule, has a certain doctrinaire ring to it: the philosophy behind it is usually speculative, anti-empirical, prone to hasty generalizations, collectivist, dogmatic and intolerant.”

Museum De Pont
Wilhelminapark 1
5041 EA Tilburg
Opening hours
Tuesday through Sunday 11 am - 5 pm





Krijtdiertjes (Otwornice) is published by Ergo Pers in a limited edition of 40 copies, numbered and signed by the artist. Four lithographs in the book + a suite of five loose prints, signed and numbered by Ronald Noorman. Letterpress printing and manual binding by Rein Ergo, Gent; lithographs printed by Felix Bauer, Cologne. The poems were selected by both the artist and the author. The entire edition was printed on Hahnemühle 230 g. 36 x 32 cm, slipcase.

Watch the book online | pdf

Ronald Noorman | SOLACE - works on paper
Museum De Pont | 24 September - 20 November 2011
Ronald Noorman (1951) is, beyond a doubt, a draughtsman at heart, being an artist who makes full use of the qualities and potential of his medium. Aside from intimacy and transparency, terseness is a particularly striking characteristic among the recent drawings of his exhibition in the project space.

Museum De Pont | Philippe Vandenberg & Berlinde De Bruyckere
30 June - 28 October 2012
Read more

Per Kirkeby and the "Forbidden Paintings" of Kurt Schwitters.
10 February - 20 May 2012
BOZAR - Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

BOZAR, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, will open a major exhibition of the internationally-acclaimed Danish artist, Per Kirkeby.
Widely acclaimed as a painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and writer, Per Kirkeby has pursued an independent and unique artistic path over the past forty years. The ambitious retrospective at BOZAR will offer a representative sample of Per Kirkeby's extensive oeuvre with a particular focus on his painting. More than 180 works will be presented chronologically and thematically, allowing the visitor to appreciate the essence of Kirkeby's vision of art. His artistic world will be able to be explored through a mix of known and never or rarely shown works, right up to his most recent work.

Jürgen Partenheimer, Mies van der Rohe House, Berlin 2011

3.9. – 27.11.2011

Kunst- und Kulturamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
Oberseestraße 60
13053 Berlin
Tel/Fax: 030 970 006 18

The Mies van der Rohe House (Landhaus Lemke) has invited Partenheimer to exhibit his works as part of this year’s thematic series “MIES 125” in honour of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s 125th birthday. For the occasion, the artist will install a site-specific exhibition titled “Lemke” at the house, which is the last residential building to be constructed by Mies van der Rohe in Germany. Partenheimer’s concept involves projecting an imagined dialogue between the building’s owner and the architect as a timeless construct of artistic interpretation and spatial demarcation.
The contrast between residential space and exhibition space is the primary inspiration for the exhibition’s layout, in which Partenheimer addresses the much-discussed issue of artistic intermediality. His concept accommodates both the requirements and the possibilities of a spatial composition that combines the social reality of architecture with the aesthetic impact of art. Partenheimer will install his works in the rooms of the Mies van der Rohe House, using drawings, paintings and sculptures to delineate different spaces. In addition, the artist will create a work specifically for the site in the form of a “drawing” on wallpaper produced in collaboration with the company AS Création; a trust established by the company’s founder is providing generous support for the project. A sculpture, a vessel-shaped object designed specifically for another one of the rooms, will be produced for the exhibition in collaboration with master craftsmen at the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory. The exhibition will be opened by Prof. Wolf Tegethoff (Director of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich) on Saturday, 3 September at 6 pm.

Download pdf



Jürgen Partenheimer in Residency: 16 September – 15 November 2011

David Krut Projects is pleased to present an exclusive evening of conversation about books with renowned German artist Jürgen Partenheimer on Thursday 27 October at 6:30 pm.

David Krut Projects, Arts on Main
264 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg.

David Krut Projects in association with NIROX Foundation and the Goethe   Institute would like to invite you to an intimate conversation about the books of renowned artist J?rgen Partenheimer. The evening will be hosted by Bronwyn Law-Viljoen, from Fourthwall Books, in conversation with the artist.   Partenheimer is a major German artist with a distinguished international career. Throughout his career he has engaged successfully in interdisciplinary projects in which he addresses the issue of artistic   intermediality, inspiring collaborations across various disciplines, with special focus on contemporary music and poetry. Having taught extensively throughout the world as a visiting professor, he is an articulate and fluent speaker.           

Partenheimer's residency at NIROX Foundation, with the support of the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, started on 16 September and runs until 15 November 2011. Since his arrival at NIROX, he has met and engaged with local artists and arts personalities to develop a fascinating program, whilst continuing to pursue his primary work as an artist in his NIROX studio. Some of his activities include an exhibition at NIROX Projects, on 10 November 2011, showing work done at his Nirox studio including a poetry reading by Lebo Mashile and Jill Richards's performance of a piece by Kevin Volans who had recently dedicated a comosition to Jürgen Partenheimer's work. Leading up to the event Partenheimer will be producing an artist book of Lebo Mashile's recent poems inspired by his work, in collaboration with Mark Attwood and Lunetta Bartz. As a tribute to their collaboration, Lebo will read and perform her poetry in the NIROX Amphitheatre at sunset on Sunday 12 November, in Kromdraai.           
Amongst the events the artist has been invited by the Wits School of the Arts to present a critique session for the senior students at Wits University. He was also invited to develop a suite of three prints in the David Krut Workshop at Arts on Main. These prints, which will belong to the South African Diary, form part of the exhibition at NIROX Projects at Arts on Main.

The abstract quality created in his works are best described by the Director of the Pinacoteca Do Estado in São Paulo, Marcelo Mattos Araújo: “Like a musical composition, they vibrate with the rhythm, repetition and juxtaposition of forms; they seem to express a state of uncertainty and inconsistency, seductively calling in question the viewer’s own preconceived certainties.”

The prints Jürgen Partenheimer created at David Krut Workshop form part of his South African Diary. The three large prints are independent works that collectively form a triptych. When David Krut invited Partenheimer to create a suite of prints at the workshop, the idea of a small group, which form an interrelated and coherent energy, appeared very appealing. During the preparation of the prints, which combine linoleum cut, different etching techniques and chine collé, proofs of preparatory forms turned into independent prints and extend the suite by three small linoleum cut editions. The title of the prints, Folded Spirits corresponds directly to Jürgen Partenheimer´s notes, drawings, watercolours, texts, poems, and his artist book.

Prints Created by Jürgen Partenheimer at DKW |


John Ashbery |Recent Collages
October 20 – December 3, 2011

Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue New York     

The Tibor de Nagy Gallery presents an exhibition of new collages by acclaimed poet John Ashbery. This is the gallery's second solo exhibition devoted exclusively to Ashbery's collages, following his hugely successful debut with the gallery in 2008. Ashbery was fascinated in his youth by the collage novels of Max Ernst and the partly collaged Cubist paintings of Picasso and Braque. He started making collages as an undergraduate at Harvard, and has continued the collage process in both his visual and literary creations ever since. Influenced by such collage giants as Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, and more directly, Joe Brainard, Ashbery's work combines equal doses of art historical and contemporary pop culture references.These recent works are more inventive and confidently his own than ever before. Ashbery continues to explore the collage medium, pushing the imagery into increasingly amorphous shapes with unexpected and often humorous juxtapositions, in much the same way that he has consistently pushed the boundaries of poetry.Considered by many to be the most important living poet writing in English, Ashbery has published   more than twenty collections, most recently Planisphere (2009, Ecco), and his highly acclaimed translation of Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations (2011, Norton). In May he received the Medal of Honor of New York University's Center for French Civilization and Culture, and in November he will be presented with the National Book Foundation's Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.Ashbery was born in Rochester, New York, in 1927. His Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror won the three major American prizes - the Pulitzer, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award. He served as executive editor of Art News and as the art critic for New York magazine and Newsweek. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he was a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets from 1988 to 1999. The winner of many prizes and awards, both nationally and internationally, he received two Guggenheim Fellowships   and was a MacArthur Fellow from 1985 through 1990.     

Hanns Schimansky, studio in Weißensee, Berlin

Hanns Schimansky | another question - Drawings and Foldings
September 09 until October 15 - 2011

Galerie Werner Klein
Volksgartenstr. 10
50677 Cologne – Germany
Open Friday, 9.9. - 10 p.m., Saturday, 10.9. 12 - 8 p.m. and Sunday, 11.9. 12 - 6 p.m.
nul = 0
dutch avant-garde in an international context, 1961 - 1966
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
11 September 2011 – 22 January 2012

From 11 September 2011 to 22 January 2012, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam will present the exhibition entitled nul = 0. nederlandse avant-garde in een internationale context, 1961 – 1966 (nul = 0. dutch avant-garde in an international context, 1961 – 1966). This will be the first time since the controversial exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1965 that a large-scale exhibition will be organized in which the work of Dutch Nul-artists – Armando, Jan Henderikse, Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven and herman de vries – will be displayed in relation to artists from the German ZERO, the French Nouveau Réalisme, the Italian Azimuth and the Japanese Gutai movements. The exhibition is a precursor of the international rediscovery of the ZERO generation with artists such as Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Otto Piene and Jan Schoonhoven.

The Nul-group, founded in 1961, arose with the objective of creating a new future in which art and reality merg ed together. Besides ‘modern’ plastic, the artists’ materials included smoke, water, wind and light. Their approach was characterized by cool impersonality, in contrast to the passionate and colourful art of the fifties. The Nul-artists discovered a new beauty of serenity, repetition and uniformity. With the organization of international exhibitions in conjunction with kindred spirits, they stood on the brink of artistic developments in the seventies and, as such, were precursors of Minimal, Conceptual and Land Art.

In the exhibition, total installations, utopian models, historical objects, reconstructions, authentic films and photos will show the unique history of an unparalleled international avant-garde. An exceptional aspect will be the attention devoted to the unrealized last Nul manifestation called Zero op Zee (Zero at Sea), the plan to set up more than thirty installations on Scheveningen Pier, thus generating a total experience for passers-by and visitors. Zero op Zee marked the end of Nul as a movement.

The exhibition has been realized in close co-operation with the ZERO foundation, Düsseldorf.

An extensive publication by NAi Publishers Rotterdam will accompany the exhibition.

SÄGERAUH | group show curated by Jan Hoet:
Karel Dierickx, Jan van Imschoot, Joris van de Moortel,
Pascale Martine Tayou, Andrea Nehring
21/10/2011 - 17/12/2011

Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Reichenbachstr. 47-49, Rückgebäude, München

Mysterium Leib / Into one-another: Berlinde De Bruyckere in dialogue with Cranach and Pasolini

3.4.2011 | 3.7.2011 | Ausstellung
Stiftung Moritzburg - Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt
Friedemann-Bach-Platz 5
06108 Halle (Saale)

The book Into One-Another: Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Cranach and
Pasolini, Edited by Cornelia Wieg is published by Hirmer Verlag.


01 - 03.04.2011

PA/PER VIEW art book fair brings together 32 leading artist book publishers. Leave your laptop behind and come and browse amongst the finest titles of these consistent players of the printed word and image.

With : 2nd Cannons (US), A Prior (BE), AKV Berlin (DE), Archive Books (IT), Art Paper Editions (BE)
Bartleby & Co (BE), Book Works (UK), CNEAI (FR), Culturgest (PT), Daviet-Thery (FR), Edition Fink (CH), Gagarin (BE), Gevaert Editions (BE), Incertain Sens (FR), Jan Van Eyck Academie (NL), Kaugummi Books (FR), La Bibliothèque fantastique (FR), Lubok Verlag (DE), Making Do (UK), Manifesta Journal (NL), Mer-Paper Kunsthalle (BE), More Publishers (BE), Mousse (IT), Onomatopée (NL), Pork Salad Press (DK), Post Editions (NL), Raina Lupa (ES), Ridinghouse (UK), Roma Publications (NL), Torpedo Press (NO), Tulips & Roses (BE), Witte de With (NL), Zabludowicz Collection (UK), Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E (SI) &... More From Motto (CH/DE)


Ronald Noorman, etching for Negende Eeuw,
Ergo Pers 2009
In 2011 Ronald Noorman is showing new drawings in Stichting De Pont Tilburg.
S O L A C E - works on paper | 24 September - 20 November 2011
Giovanni Bellini, Cristo morto tra Maria e Giovanni
Giovanni Bellini, Cristo morto tra Maria e Giovanni,
Bergamo, Accademia Carrara

Giovanni Bellini, Cristo morto tra Maria e Giovanni
Berlinde De Bruyckere, Lingam (2010)
© Olbricht Collection

Following their initial collaboration in 2009, which focused on the collection of the House of Savoy, the museums of Flanders and of northern Italy are once again putting their respective schools of painting into perspective with a stunning selection of pictures. From the 15th to the 18th century, the exhibition presents four centuries of contrast between 15 masterpieces from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and some fifty paintings from the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, one of the finest collections of Venetian paintings in existence. Venetian and Flemish Mastersis organised chronologically in four sections, one for each century; within each section, four major themes are highlighted - the portrait, saints in a natural setting, the sacred and the profane, and panoramic views. In thequattrocento Bellini's portraits influenced Van Eyck, while the northern painter exportedhis naturalism. In thecinquecento the Venetians moved beyond the techniques of the Flemish Primitives. Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese created an explosion of colour and brought new light into the landscapes of Patenier. In theseicento, Rubens, in Italy, had an influence on Tiepolo. Thesettecento, finally,saw a proliferation of styles in a Venice in decline, from Canaletto's snapshots to the sarcastic genre paintings of Guardi, which influenced the love of excess in the work of Jordaens. In short: the Venetian and Flemish schools could not have existed without each other.

The Venetian and Flemish Masters exhibition, presented in four sections, takes us through four key centuries for European painting (from the 15th to the 18th century) and illustrates the many points of contact and mutual influences involved in the relations between Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, and Venice in terms of training and emulation:

· the quattrocento, highlighting the birth of the portrait and devotional painting, contrasting the work of Pisanello and Giovanni Bellini with that of other masters such as Rogier van der Weyden;
· the cinquecento, landscapes and devotional works, including Titian, Palma il Vecchio, and Veronese, presented alongside their Flemish colleagues;
· the seicento – the sacred and the profane – when Rubens, Padovanino, and Tiepolo made an appeal to the senses in their depictions of both sacred and profane subjects;
· genre scenes and views from the settecento, presenting the parallels between Canaletto, Francesco Guardi, and Pietro Longhi and the Northern masters who, on occasion, preceded and influenced them.

Berlinde de Bruyckere's intervention in the exhibition

The internationally renowned Ghent artist Berlinde de Bruyckere (born in Ghent in 1964) works on, sculpts, interrogates, and illustrates the human body in particular. Looking at history and humanity from a global perspective, her art draws its inspiration primarily from painting, both early and modern. Taking her references for the most part from German and Italian painting, she accepted the invitation to engage with a number of works from Venetian and Flemish Masters : she presents two of her own works in the exhibition.
Housed in a wooden container, Lingam features a strung-up body which appears all the more disturbing for its missing head and limbs. Berlinde De Bruyckere has constantly referred to art history in her work, and this one instantly reminds me of Titian's masterpiece, the Flaying of Marsyas, one of the bloodiest images of the Renaissance. But the title here refers to a traditional representation of the Hindu goddess Shiva, adding another layer of mystery to this unforgettable sculpture.


Homage to Mark Tobey

For the 2010 edition of the FIAC, the Galerie Jeanne Bucher - Jaeger Bucher will present significant selected works by American
artist Mark Tobey (1890-1976) to celebrate the 120th anniversary of his birth. Mark Tobey joined the gallery in 1944, exhibiting on many occasions until his death in 1976.

FIAC | From october 21st to 24th 2010, Grand Palais, from noon to 8 pm and Cour Carrée du Louvre, from noon to 9 pmBy invitation only : Preview Cour Carrée du Louvre on Tuesday 19th October, from 4 pm to 8:30 pm.Vernissage: Wednesday October 20th, from 5 pm to 10 pm. Professional afternoon on Wednesday October 20th from 3 to 5 pm.


Jürgen Partenheimer, Atelier Speedway 834,
Tucson, Arizona, 1980

Jürgen Partenheimer

»La Fortune – das verborgene Werk«

Häusler Contemporary München
Maximilianstraße 35
Entrance Herzog-Rudolf-Straße
D-80538 Munich

Opening: Friday 10 September 2010, 6–9 pm
Exhibition: 10 September – 6 November 2010
Tuesday–Friday 11 am–6 pm, Saturday 11 am–2 pm
22nd Open Art, 11. - 12. September, from 11 am to 6 pm

The exhibition »La Fortune – das verborgene Werk« (La Fortune. The Hidden Oeuvre) surveys thirty years of Jürgen Partenheimer’s work by showcasing a number of rarely exhibited highlights. This unique presentation testifies to the exceptional diversity of the artist’s body of work, which takes spectators on a journey through intricate mindspaces. The drawings on paper, sculptures, paintings and photographic works in this exhibition, many of which have never been shown to the public before, bear witness to the ongoing development of Partenheimer’s »magical-subjective« brand of abstraction.
Press release

Giuseppe Penone’, Des veines, au ciel, ouvertes
MAC’s Grand Hornu - Musée des Arts Contemporains, Belgium
31.10.2010 – 13.02.2011

R. Noorman, o.T. 2008, Gouache, 15 x 39,8cm
Ronald Noorman | Zeichnungen

Ronald Noorman hat die Zeichnung als primäres Mittel gewählt, um seine Phantasie zum Ausdruck zu bringen. Was ihn darin anzieht, ist die Direktheit des Mediums. Beim Zeichnen sind die Abstände zwischen dem Gedanken, der Handbewegung und dem Zeichen, das auf Papier erscheint, minimal, in der Zeit sowohl als im Raum. Die technischen Mittel - Bleistift, Kreide, Wasserfarbe, Gouache - sind viel weniger widerspenstig als Ölfarbe, Kupferplatte oder Stein und es ist selbstverständlich viel leichter, damit Experimente zu machen: was mißlingt, oder nicht gefällt, geht in den Papierkorb. Andererseits ist die Zeichnung erbarmungslos; Irrtümer wegwischen oder bedecken ist kaum möglich. Außerdem scheint man als Betrachter direkt über die Schulter des Künstlers mitzuschauen, so direkt ist der Kontakt. Das geringste Zögern, Irren oder Umdenken des Zeichners wird sofort bemerkt. (Carel van Tuyll van Serooskerken)
In der zweiten Ausstellung der Galerie Werner Klein werden Arbeiten
aus den letzten fünf Jahre gezeigt. Ronald Noorman lebt und arbeitet in Amsterdam. Seine Zeichnungen, Druckgrafiken und Künstlerbücher sind in den wichtigsten niederländischen Sammlungen vertreten. Das De Pont Museum in Tilburg widmet ihm im kommenden Jahr eine Ausstellung.

Ausstellungseröffnung: Samstag, 09. Oktober 2010, 15-19 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 09. Oktober bis 13. November 2010

Galerie Werner Klein
50677 Köln
Dienstag bis Freitag 13-18 Uhr
Samstag 11-15 Uhr



Suzan Frecon, recent painting

David Zwirner, 525 west 19th street, New York
Sep 8 - Oct 30
Opening reception: Tues, Sept 14, 6-8 pm, 525 W 19th St.


Fire, 2010, pencil, watercolour
and acrylic on wood

Raoul De Keyser

September 8 - October 9, 2010
Wednesday through Saturday, 2 to 6 pm
Leopold De Waelplaats 16
2000 Antwerpen

Antwerp – Zeno X Gallery is very pleased to announce the exhibition ‘Airy’, a solo show with new works by Raoul De Keyser. Next to twelve new paintings, two earlier works will be exhibited. Installed at the entrance space of the gallery is ‘Zevende Linnen Doos’, an important work from 1971. Between 1966 and 1971, whilst exploring the spatial limitations of the pictorial surface, De Keyser made a series of seven linen boxes, each comprising a wooden frame on which canvas was stretched and painted. While the first linen boxes bore the familiar figurative elements of a garden hose or a tent, the late ones as ‘Zevende Linnen Doos’ consist primarily of a juxtaposition of larger autonomous areas of colour spread around the sides of the box. The spatiality and tangibility of the work bear references to Minimal art, but the green surfaces and the framing white lines also recall football, favorite sport of De Keyser, and link it to Pop Art. Next to ‘Untitled’, a monumental geometric painting from 1988, are twelve new paintings on view. Small in scale, they are painted with various materials as acryl, oil watercolour, charcoal and gesso. Vivid colours, such as the yellows and reds in the work ‘Airy’ or the deep blues in ‘Passage’, are altered with more washed out and grubby colours as in ‘One’ and ‘Again’. Intriguing fragmentary forms and lines appear, painted with rapid and sparse brush strokes, that continue to surprise and at the same time feel so familiar in De Keyser’s work, like the irregularly-shaped ‘islands’ in ‘Fire’. The seemingly nonchalance with which these forms are painted and the dinginess that shimmers through the different drawing and paint layers contrast with the supposedly clear pictorial structure.

virtual visit

John Ashbery to be Honored at Brooklyn Book Festival, 9/11.

On Sunday, September 12, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn Literary Council and Brooklyn Tourism will host the fifth annual Brooklyn Book Festival. Each year, the Brooklyn Book Festival "BoBi" award is given to an author who has made a broad impact on the field of literature. This year's recipient is John Ashbery, who will be honored at the Brooklyn Book Festival Gala Mingle on Saturday, September 11, 2010. The award was established in the Festival's second year. Previous BoBi recipients are Edwidge Danticat (2009), Walter Mosley (2008) and Paul Auster (2007). Ashbery will also participate in this year's Festival program, in an on-stage conversation with Paul Auster, Sunday, September 12.
The fifth annual Brooklyn Book Festival will take place on Sunday, September 12, with an all-star literary lineup, including Salman Rushdie, Naomi Klein, Colson Whitehead, Mary Gaitskill, Paul Auster, Rosanne Cash, Paul Krugman, Sarah Silverman, Gary Shteyngart, Francine Prose, Dennis Lehane, Pete Hamill, Jennifer Egan, John Ashbery, Russell Banks, Michael Connelly, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal, Per Petterson, Sam Lipsyte, Sloane Crosley, Sandra Rodriguez, Paul Harding, Maaza Mengiste, Amy Goodman, Marlon James, Jean Valentine (New York State Poet Laureate), Elizabeth Nunez and many, many more, as well as Children's and Young Adult Lit stars like Rebecca Stead, Sara Shepard, Jacqueline Woodson, Jon Scieszka, Jenny Han, Mac Barnett, Tad Hills, Chris Raschka, Michael Rex, Matthew Reinhart and Francisco X. Stork.
Multiplied: Contemporary Editions Fair.
Christie's South Kensington, 85 Old Brompton Road, London. Event Date: 15-18 October 2010.
Christie’s has announced it will launch a new contemporary art fair in London, titled "Multiplied." The fair will be held during the week of the Frieze Art Fair, Oct. 15-18, providing a platform to promote emerging talent in two and three-dimensional contemporary editions.
Exhibition Dates:

Friday, Oct. 15, 9-5

Saturday, Oct. 16, 11-5

Sunday, Oct. 17, 11-5

Monday, Oct. 18, 9-7:30

The London Art Book Fair 2010 will take place at the Whitechapel Gallery from 11am on the 24-26 September 2010.
The London Art Book Fair is an annual event devoted to international art publishing. Hosted by the Whitechapel Gallery in association with Marcus Campbell Art Books, The London Art Book Fair presents the work of individual artist publishers, galleries, magazines, colleges, arts publishing houses, rare book dealers and distributors alongside a wider associated programme of talks and events.

Exhibitors have been selected by an advisory board comprising Marcus Campbell (rare book dealer); Tacita Dean (artist); Franz König (publisher & bookseller); Farshid Mousavi (Co-founder, Foreign Office Architects); and Soraya Rodriguez (Director, Zoo Art Fair) who have ensured that the fair includes representatives of the most vibrant, stimulating and diverse art book production. The fair will include a special preview on Thursday 23 September 2010 for booksellers, distributors, collectors, and the arts and literary press.


Berlinde De Bruyckere
3 June – 24 July 2010, Hauser & Wirth Zürich
Opening: Saturday 12 June 6 – 8 pm

Horse, deer and man metamorphose in Berlinde De Bruyckere’s exhibition for Hauser & Wirth Zürich. De Bruyckere’s work deals with death and transfiguration and looks to stories and art of the past to address anxieties that remain current. Her sculptures accomplish an almost alchemical transformation of wax into flesh, and out of this fantastical realism she creates intolerably mutated bodies: figures lack heads, borrow and reconfigure anatomies, become amorphous, vegetal and abstract. Their distortions emphasise our own fragile existence. ‘I want to show how helpless a body can be,’ De Bruyckere has said. ‘Which is nothing you have to be afraid of — it can be something beautiful.’

GALLERIA CONTINUA Le Moulin presents 1 venue, 4 exhibitions

Artists in this exhibition: Berlinde De Bruyckere, Urs Lüthi, Serse, Kendell Geers, Anish Kapoor, Liu Jianhua, Moataz Nasr, Luca Pancrazzi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Arcangelo Sassolino, Pascale Marthine Tayou
26th June – 3rd October 2010

46 rue de la Ferté Gaucher 77169 Boissy-le-Châtel

Hanns Schimansky La Ligne Claire
29 May 2010 - 25 September 2010

5 & 7 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris France

The german artist Hanns Schimansky proposes in his scriptural drawings to live the rhythm of the world by capturing and prolonging the unattainable intensity of the moment, by calling out and provoking chance, creating a slowdown in opposition the breakneck speed of our media-centered world. Like an agronomist, which he once was, with full knowledge of his fields, the drawing traces out lines from on place to another, seeking liberation from all restrictions and rules. "Hanns Schimansky moves in a world of abstraction which has fostered an entirely new hieroglyphic language. (..) The preoccupation with these forms is reduced entirely to this contrast between a swaying, pulsating interlaced web of lines and the geometric rectangular entities floating on top of them. (..) The contemplation of Schimansky's world of signs, like Cage's music opens up a zone of exception, an unoccupied space of freedom that allows the viewer to experience a kind of catharsis". (Doris von Drathen).

Extract from the catalogue published by the Gallery Jaeger Bucher on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition, entitled "Expansion - Résonance", from October 20, 2008 to January 17, 2009.

In the Tower: Mark Rothko
February 21, 2010–January 2, 2011
National Gallery of Art, Washington

The second in a series of Tower exhibitions focusing on contemporary art and its roots offers a rare look at the black-on-black paintings that Rothko made in 1964 in connection with his work on a chapel for the Menil Collection in Houston. A recording of Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel (1971), the haunting music originally composed for that space, accompanies the exhibition in the spacious East Building Tower Gallery.

J O H A N    T A H O N

SCOpe basel
15-19 june 2010, Galerie Maurits Van De Laar
The Soloproject Basel, 16-20 june 2010, Galerie Hendrik Van De Weghe

Istanbul Angels (Istanbul 2010 cultural capital)
Sculptureproject in Haghia Erene / Topkapi Palace
Iznik tilewall drawing for the entrance hall of the Belgian Consulat in Istanbul
during 2010.

johan tahon
First retrospective Museumshow in Germany. Das Bildhauwermuseum im Norden. Gerhard Marcks Haus, Bremen (D)
autumn 2010

Fr, 11. Juni - So, 12. September
»Confinium« - Werkschau Johan Tahon

Seit dem Jahr 1996 gehört der Bildhauer Johan Tahon zur internationalen Kunstszene, wie zahlreiche Einladungen zu Einzelausstellungen und Ausstellungsbeteiligungen dokumentieren.
Auch ist er in zahlreichen Museen vertreten und verschiedene Städte in Belgien und den Niederlanden haben Skulpturen von ihm angekauft. Im Jahr 2009 wurde eine Skulptur vor dem Finanzministerium in Den Haag von Königin Beatrix eingeweiht. Im Kunstverein Schwerte stellte Johan Tahon im Jahr 1997 aus.

Kunstverein Schwerte e.V.
Kötterbachstraße 2
58239 Schwerte, Germany
02304 22175

Tschann Libraire, 125, bd du Montparnasse, 75006 Paris , les ÉDITIONSIS ABELLE SAUVAGE vous invitent à rencontrer FRANCK ANDRE JAMME, pour la parution de Au secret.
Lecture le jeudi 3 juin à 19 h 30

Invitation pdf
Ronald Noorman
Ronald Noorman

MODERN TIMES responding to chaos
drawings and films selected by Lutz Becker
3 April - 13 June 2010

This exhibition comprises drawings, prints and experimental films, and explores the recurring tension between figuration and abstraction throughout the 20th century and the ways by which ideas and concepts evolve. Presented non-chronologically, it encompasses movements such as Russian Constructivism, Futurism and Vorticism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, and comprises works by key artists, as well as works of artists who have been sidelined in the mainstream of art history.

Film-maker, painter and curator Lutz Becker traces a personal path through the art of the 20 th century. He writes: ' It is the awareness of time as the measure of the distance between thought and realisation, of the value of the transient and sense of the fragility of the inspirational moment, that made me decide to show predominantly works on paper. Drawing, no longer about the recording of appearances, is a language reflecting its own becoming, often daring and experimental. The inclusion of film will extend the idea that mental and physical motion are key experiences common to artists and audience.

Fifty Works for Fifty States: The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection
January 22–May 9, 2010
1285 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14222-1096

Dorothy and Herbert Vogel built a world-class collection through modest means. Herbert Vogel (born 1922), who spent most of his working life as a postman, and Dorothy Vogel (born 1935), who was a reference librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, gave up vacations and creature comforts by devoting the entirety of Herbert’s salary to collecting and acquiring works by contemporary artists. In 1992, the Vogels formed a partnership with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., placing in their custody more than 1,100 works of art as gifts or promised gifts. As they continued to acquire works of art and the Vogels’ collection grew, it became unreasonable to gift the collection in its entirety to any singular institution, leading to the development of the Fifty Works for Fifty States project.
To learn more about the Vogels and this project, please visit

Whitney Museum of American Art: 2010 Whitney Biennial
Suzan Frecon (a.o)
February 25 - May 30 2010

,2010,artists: David Adamo,Richard Aldrich,Michael Asher,Tauba Auerbach,Nina Berman,Huma Bhabha,Josh Brand,The Bruce, High Quality, Foundation,James Casebere,Edgar Cleijne and, Ellen Gallagher,Dawn Clements,George Condo,Sarah Crowner,Verne Dawson,Julia Fish,Roland Flexner,Suzan Frecon,Maureen Gallace,Theaster Gates,Kate Gilmore,Hannah Greely,Jesse Aron Green,Robert Grosvenor,Sharon Hayes,Thomas Houseago,Alex Hubbard,Jessica Jackson, Hutchins,Jeffrey Inaba,Martin Kersels,Jim Lutes,Babette Mangolte,Curtis Mann,Ari Marcopoulos,Daniel McDonald,Josephine Meckseper,Rashaad Newsome,Kelly Nipper,Lorraine O’Grady,R.H. Quaytman,Charles Ray,Emily Roysdon,Aki Sasamoto,Aurel Schmidt,Scott Short,Stephanie Sinclair,Ania Soliman,Storm Tharp,Tam Tran,Kerry Tribe,Piotr Ukla?ski,Lesley Vance,Marianne Vitale,Erika Vogt,Pae White and Robert Williams.

For more than four decades, Suzan Frecon has produced abstract works that reveal a deep reverence for the practice of painting. Frecon carefully plans her images, first deciding on the dimensions of the work and the paint colors to be used (often grinding her own pigments to achieve the desired effect). She then figures out the precise imagery in sketches, using geometric formulas as well as her own visual intuition to create related forms in which dissonant features are suspended in balance.

In embodiment of red (soforouge), two heaving shapes, painted in earth red hues that vary in tone and luster, seem to dissolve into the background and assert their materiality through strong contours. The figure-ground relationships in each panel derive from the canvas size: in the top panel, the rounded form’s width is identical to the panel’s height, while the curved form of the bottom panel connects two of its corners.

Frecon’s abstract forms may invite associative leaps to architectural or art historical references—she has cited her interest in varied art historical sources such as the Chartres Cathedral, Minoan labyrinths, Byzantine painting, and Pomo baskets—but ultimately, the works remain non-referential.


John Ashbery in Paris International Conference - March 11-14, 2010

Wednesday March 10 2010, 19h00:

Franck André Jamme (Trois Poèmes, Al Dante, 2009)
and Anne Talvaz
(Autoportrait dans un miroir convexe, La Feugraie, 2005)
will read from their translations of John Ashbery
at Librairie Michèle Ignazi, 17 rue de Jouy, 75004.

The complete program

John Ashbery and Trevor Winkfield,
the Roussel Connection and Beyond


Johan Tahon | The white leonid
Envoy gallery
131 Chrystie Street
New York, NY, 10002
Tues - Sun: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

First exhbition in NYC of the Flemish contemporary sculptor Johan Tahon.

Jürgen Partenheimer in der Kunsthalle Kiel
19.11.2009 - 31.01.2010

Ausstellung der Muthesius Kunsthochschule
und der Kunsthalle zu Kiel.
19.11.2009 - 31.01.2010

Eröffnung am 19.11.2009
ab 16.00 Uhr: Symposion: Erlebbare Räume. Das Raumwissen der Künste. Ein Interdisziplinäres Symposium der Muthesius Kunsthochschule.
ab 20.00 Uhr: Austellungskonzert im Rahmen des Symposions: The Partenheimer Projekt. Erlebbare Seh- und Hör-Räume. Komposition: Kevin Volans. Eröffnung mit Jürgen Partenheimer

Austellungsdauer: 19. - 22.11.2009
Öffnungszeiten: Di - So 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr, Mi 10.00 - 20.00 Uhr


Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter
On view October 8, 2009 - January 4, 2010 | P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York

Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter paints a picture of Printed Matter, the artists' bookstore, through a history of its publishing activity from 1976 to the present. On view in the Third Floor Archive Galleries.
The exhibition radically questions the notion of art as an elitist structure, and proposes an art conceived along democratic ideals, a low-cost art that travels out into the world through the distribution systems usually reserved for books and periodicals, or popular music. Featuring more than 100 international artists, Learn to Read Art explores the artists' desire to create with the idea that art is both intimate, and for everyone.
Raphaël Buedts | 5 September 2009 - 15 November 2009
| S.M.A.K., Ghent
They are something you have to get used to, these ‘furniture objects’ by Raphaël Buedts, which he compiled at the end of the seventies and in the eighties. They have been made from unusual materials, like discarded furniture, twigs, sheets of material, sticks and strips of wood. Apart from this he used rope, lead, canvas, silk, bricks and in some cases even shells. His handwork is aimed at using the material to create something spiritually and sensually tangible. Sometimes you have the feeling that he is trying to break through their close, uncommunicative aspect, and sometimes it seems as if his aim is to keep them in a form that is as introvert as possible.

Starting on 5th September 2009 the S.M.A.K. will be holding an exhibition in association with Cera together with the presentation of a book compiled by Frank Maes. On display will be an overview of his work, especially his sculptural work, as well as his drawings and paintings.

Catalogue Carbon, Nerves, Traces, 2008, Ghent, MER. Paper Kunsthalle vzw

Raoul De Keyser 'Gemälde 1964-2007' | Kunstmuseum Bonn
Until -18 10 2009

Raoul De Keyser is without doubt one of the most important European painters of the past decades. He was born in Deinze, Belgium, in 1930. Although his work has been internationally acclaimed since the 1980’s, there has not yet been a comprehensive exhibition in Germany which has focussed on the development of his oeuvre. The planned exhibition in Bonn will try to correct this deficiency. The exhibits on display will cover forty years of this artist’s work.
• • •
Caldic Collectie - Artists’ Books | 21 05 2009 - 31 08 2009

Caldic Collectie B.V. has been entrusted with the custody of Caldic's art collection. This collection of mainly twentieth century art objects (paintings, sculptures, collages, photos, etc.) - built over the last 40 years - is now unique in its size, its diversity and its originality. Regularly (thematic) expositions are organised inside and outside the Caldic company to enable experts, employees, company relations and other people interested to enjoy the beauty of all these works. Jean Arp, Edward Ruscha, Man Ray, Louise Bourgeois, Sonia Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky, Ellsworth Kelly, Joan Miró, Fernand Leger, Sol LeWitt, Henry Matisse, A.R. Penck, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Christien Meindertsma, Sophie Calle , Constant Nieuwenhuys / Gerrit Kouwenaar ...

• • •

Ronald Noorman | Werken op paper
28 02 - 1 04 2009

Galerie Nouvelles images
Westeinde 22 2512 HD Den Haag
T +31 (0)70 346 19 98

open:di tot za 11-17 uur
opening: 28 februari 16-18 uur

• • •

Hanns Schimansky | Galerie Inga Kondeyne
23. Januar 2009 – 20. März 2009

Galerie Inga Kondeyne, Linienstraße 115
10115 Berlin-Mitte | Tel. : 030 25297308


In 2009 Ergo Pers will will publish a double volume artists' book with etchings by Hanns Schimansky and poetry by John Ashbery and Franck André Jamme.

• • •
Franck André Jamme | Reading from New Exercises
December 13th 4pm
Feature Inc. 276 BOWERY NEW YORK NY 10012 USA

Invitation pdf

New Exercises, Wave Books, 2008, translated from the French by Charles Borkhuis
• • •
Armando en Raffael Rheinsberg | Het vuur voorbij
18 november 2008 - 3 mei 2009

Armando Museum Bureau, Zonnehof 8, Amersfoort
• • •
Philippe Vandenberg, L'image Maudite (The Cursed Image)
East Village / Lower East Sid
131 Chrystie Street, 212-226-4555
December 18, 2008 - January 25, 2009

envoy enterprises is proud to announce Philippe Vandenberg’s second solo exhibition in New York City. A selection of paintings and drawings from the last twenty years lead us through a complex, poetic and emotionally intelligent oeuvre of one of Belgium’s most prominent contemporary artists.
L’image Maudite (the Cursed Image) is an exhibition about nomadism. Philippe Vandenberg paints to resist. This act of resistance is one that carries the potential of safeguarding the artist from stagnation and immobility, artistically and conceptually. Resistance is not only the leitmotif of the painter; it is his attitude.
• • •
The Jeanne Bucher Gallery announced the opening of its new space, the JAEGER BUCHER GALLERY in the historical and innovative neighborhood of the Marais.
The Galerie Jarger Bucher, whose name assimilates the two identities of its history and updates it, is moving to 5-7 rue de Saintonge in the Marais, in two spaces equalling 1968 Sq. ft. redesigned by the famous French architect Dominique Perrault.

The inaugural exhibition EXPANSION-RESONANCE gathers around the questions of space and time, in a dialogue with some of the tutelary artists of Jeanne Bucher's gallery like Maya, Sepik, Olmec and Dogoon sculptures, as well as pieces by Giacometti, Kandinsky, Klee, Léger, Masson, Miro, Ernst, Tobey, Bissière, Staël, Vieira da Silva, Szenes et Dubuffet, through one selected work by each artist, the work of nine international artists, who will be exhibited in 2009 and 2010 at the gallery: Michael Biberstein, Zarina Hashmi, Rui Moreira, Hanns Schimansky, Susumu Shingu, Pat Steir, Fabienne Verdier, Paul Wallach, Yang Jiechang.
• • •

Printed Matter's annual fair of contemporary art books, art catalogs, artists' books, art periodicals, and 'zines offered for sale by over 120 international publishers, booksellers, and antiquarian dealers.

Phillips de Pury & Company
450 West 15th Street at 10th Avenue, 3rd floor, NYC
• • •

Editions|Artists' Book Fair

The 2008 Editions | Artists' Book Fair will take place on Friday, 31 October to Sunday, 2 November.

Founded in 1998 by Susan Inglett of I.C. Editions and Brooke Alexander Editions, the Fair has grown in size and stature to become the premier showcase for contemporary publishers and dealers presenting the latest in prints, multiples and artists' books FREE to the public. Today, located in The Tunnel, the Fair fills an entire New York City block, running from 11th Avenue to the West Side Highway. The Tunnel generously accommodates sixty-two of the most exciting international exibitors and hundreds of artists representing New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, London, Paris and points in between.

• • •
Catherine de Zegher is Director of Exhibitions and Publications at the Art Gallery of Ontario, /Toronto.
The transformed AGO has been designed by Frank Gehry, the Toronto-born architect.
Opening 14 november. Guissepe Penoneis part of the opening show.
• • •

Philippe Vandenberg | Paintings | Galerie Zwart Huis, Knokke
27 09 2008 - 23 11 2008

Philippe Vandenberg | Works on paper | Galerie Van De Weghe, Wortegem
27 september - 19 oktober 2008

Bart Baele en Philippe Vandenberg | Schwarze Milch der Frühe | Th Gallery, Den Haag
20 09 2008 - 29 11 2008

• •
Berlinde De Bruyckere | Biomorphic Forms in Sculpture | Kunsthaus Graz
27 09 2008 - 11 01 2009
• • •

A r t i s t B o o k | I n t e r n a t i o n a l F a i r
Publications by artist, prints, multiples, books
Publications by artists are the meeting point of contemporary

Art experiences. ArtistBook International (A.B.I.)'s puropose isto show and provide the extra-disciplinary xperiences producedwithin through original publications, prints, multiples and booksby artists.

C e n t r e P o m p i d o u - Paris 24 . 25 . 26 october 2008
Event and Programme organised by

• • •
Jürgen Partenheimer | Discontinuity, Paradox & Precision
Kunstmuseum Bonn | Museumsmeile
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 53113 Bonn
21.08.2008 - 09.11.2008

Download PDF


• • •

Jürgen Partenheimer | Discontinuity, Paradox & Precision

IKON Gallery - Birmingham

1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
Birmingham b1 2hs
02.04.2008 - 06.02.2008

Ikon presents a major solo exhibition by the internationally acclaimed German artist Jürgen Partenheimer, his first in the UK, comprising new and recent painting, works on paper and sculpture, revealing the interconnectivity of his essentially Modernist practice. Partenheimer's work is rooted in abstraction across many forms, expressing connections between art, poetry, music and literature, and importantly their place in our life. His is a poetically philosophical investigation, which approaches its subject matter at the very point of transition between reality and imagination. In drawings and paintings of visual fragility, form and colour establish a lyric sensibility, challenging our traditional interpretations of time and space. The physical presence of his paintings seems caught at the point of transient dissolution and concentration. Sculptures and ceramic work too retain this flexibility challenging our perceptual understanding. They contain echoes of functional objects; yet remain elusive in their specificity.
A major feature of the exhibition will be a new musical piece commissioned from the celebrated post-minimalist composer Kevin Volans. Invited by the artist to create a new work in response to his interest in colour and journeying, the music will be elaborated physically by speakers integrated into linear wooden sculptures made by Partenheimer. As his work aspires to the condition of music in a symbolist/ modernist sense, so Volans
attempts to embody musically formal and emotive qualities and images possible in painting, sculpture and work on paper as seen in Partenheimer’s practice. Premiere live performances by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group will also take place at Ikon. Three ensembles of musicians mirroring Partenheimer’s approach and that of the interconnected galleries will create physical displacement providing exciting and surprising opportunities within the overall musical structure.

Partenheimer’s work will also be presented off-site at one of Birmingham’s most historic landmarks, Perrott’s Folly. Built in 1758 by John Perrott and originally intended as an eccentric entertainment, this structure provided the impetus for JRR Tolkein’s Two Towers. For Partenheimer, the tower operates as ‘axis mundi’, a vertical extension between heaven and earth, and also as a consideration of architecture as sculpture. By climbing the spiral staircase, viewers will move through six rooms making up this new commission, each space containing a single work.

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition with texts by Christoph Schreier, Kevin Volans and Nigel Prince.

Read more.

• • •

AGO | Art Gallery of Ontario
Opening Night Preview — October 2, 2008

The transformed AGO has been designed by Frank Gehry, the Toronto-born architect.
Opening 14 november.

Catherine de Zegher | Director of Exhibitions and Publications at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; from 1999 to 2006 was Executive Director of the Drawing Center in New York.


Hanns Schimansky, No Title, 2007, Folding,
Indian ink, graphite and gouache on paper
58,8 x 71,5 cm. Private Collection
• • •
Hanns Schimansky
Gemeentemuseum The Hague
19 January 2008 - 12 May 2008

German artist Hanns Schimansky (b. 1949) produces highly aesthetic, abstract drawings which are widely appreciated both in his native land and abroad. Using pencil, Indian ink or chalk, he works on sheets of paper of hugely varying size, dashing off lines and organic forms free-hand, in a well-nigh impossible attempt to capture the intensity of the moment. Pushing the limits of the paper, his lines creep right up to the edges or folds and out into the corners. Each drawing represents a controlled interplay between the “now” and the energy released by the pressure of the hand on the paper. The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is about to host Schimansky’s first ever one-man exhibition in any Dutch museum, comprising recent work from his Faltungen series, from 19 January through 12 May 2008.

read more

• • •

Jürgen Partenheimer
Häusler Contemporary Zürich
Stampfenbachstrasse 59
8006 Zürich
Telefon 0041-43-810 04 26

12 04 - 24 05 2008
Dienstag bis Freitag 12 bis 18 Uhr | Samstag 11 bis 16 Uhr

Das abstrakte Bild ist eine Form des anschaulichen Denkens, das sich zu einer Empfindung verdichtet.
Jürgen Partenheimer


• • •


April 16th | 19.30 H | GOETHE-INSTITUT

Zusammen mit dem Rumänischen Kulturinstitut Madrid widmen wir einen Abend dem Werk und der Wirkung von Constantin Brancusi.
Der deutsche Künstler Jürgen Partenheimer spricht über das Werk Brancusis und seinen Einfluss auf die zeitgenössische Kunst. Die spanische Dichterin Clara Janés liest Gedichte, inspiriert von Werken Brancusis, Partenheimers, Chillidas... So verschränken sich Kunst, Wort und Poesie.


• • •

Concept. Action. Language | Konzept. Aktion. Sprache.
Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna
P +43-1-525 00
Daily: 10.00 a.m.–6.00 p.m.
Thu: 10.00 a.m. –9.00 p.m.

Fokus 03: The Viennese Group, Viennese Actionism, Fluxus, and Conceptual Art from the Collection 15.12.06–30.03.08

For the first time since the reopening of the MUMOK works of the Wiener Gruppe are to be seen in a collection exhibition and amongst these are important new acquisitions and holdings in the area of Conceptual Art. Viennese art movements in the 1960’s that are usually dealt with separately, are mutually contextualised from the point of view of linguistic analysis.
On a further level they correspond with the international interplay between Pop Art, Fluxus and Conceptual Art. Selected loans, such as the Learning Machines of Fluxus-founder Georges Maciunas that are being shown in Austria for the first time, complete the exhibition.


Anonymous: tantric painting; Sanganer, 1989, unspecified paint on found paper; Courtesy of Franck André Jamme, Paris, France and Feature Inc., New York

Meridian Gallery San Franscisco
March 13 - May 3, 2008

Three Related Exhibitions curated by Lawrence Rinder

"Form +" group show of Bay Area abstraction including Todd Bura, Léonie Guyer, Prajakti Jayavant, Phil McGaughy, Evelyn Reyes, and Dean Smith.
Form + presents works by six San Francisco area artists whose work resonates with Jamme's mirror poems and with his collection of Tantric drawings. Form, in these works, is only deceptively the center of attention.

"Dhyana" contemporary anonymous Tantric drawings from Rajasthan
The Tantric drawings shown here—which are from the collection of poet Franck André Jamme—were made anonymously as an aid to meditative practice. The forms and colors in these works are not unique but rather highly conventional signs that have evolved for over a thousand years both to signify and to stimulate specifi c mental and spiritual experiences. Dhy?na is a Sanskrit word for deep meditation and as such could be used to describe not only this exhibition but the two concurrent shows as well.

"Franck André Jamme: New Exercises"
A selection of small mirrors inscribed with short texts by one of France's leading contemporary poets. The idiosyncratically unbroken texts as well as the disorienting interaction of text and mirror in these works stimulate the reader/viewer's mind, fostering a condition of unusual concentration. Each text is a kind of philosophical instruction or "exercise"; like modern koans they exude qualities of impossibility, ephemeralness, and paradox.

• • •
Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900 – 1937

9 November 2007 – 30 March 2008

Explore Europe's creative revolution of the early 20th century – one that ripped up the rule books of visual art, design, photography, literature, theatre, music and architecture, and whose effects are still felt, heard and seen today.

Mainly through the medium of print, Breaking the Rules throws new light on Cubism, Expressionism, Futurism, Dadaism, Suprematism, Constructivism, Surrealism and other movements; on the artists who changed the face of modern culture for ever; and on the cities that experienced their work, from Brussels to Budapest, Vienna to Vitebsk.

Star items include Marinetti’s futurist experiment with words, type and visual text, Zang Tumb Tuum; the Burliuk Brothers’ Tango with Cows; and the notebooks and corrected proofs of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.

In addition to browsing books, manifestos, flyers, posters and even album covers, you can see remarkable films and listen to rare historic recordings.

• • •

On October 22nd 2007 a fire hit the Armando Museum. Therefore the museum is closed now. From February 2008 on, the Museum will show exhibitions and events on different locations in Amersfoort. To start at 23 and 24 February with the free exhibition 'Armando' at the St. Aegtenchapel, very close to the burned location of the museum.

Info :

• • •
Raoul De Keyser
FRAC Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand
12 06 - 31 08

FRAC Auvergne
Rue de la Selette
63000 Clermont Ferrand
• • •
RICHARD LONG - Neue Arbeiten
Konrad Fischer Galerie Düsseldorf

March 7 - April 12, 2008

„My talent as an artist is to walk across a moor, or place a stone on the ground.“ Richard Long is one of the most famous representatives of Land Art. His artistic oeuvre includes walks all over the world documented in photos and texts. En-route he creates temporary sculptures from raw materials such as stones, rocks and driftwood. After the photographic documentation he removes the works or leaves it to natural weathering. The lien and spiral sculptures reflect upon movement, the circles and crosses allegorize tranquillity and calmness.
„My art has the themes of materials, ideas, movement, time. The beauty of objects, thoughts, places and actions. My work is about my senses, my instinct, my own scale and my own physical commitment. My work is real, not illusory or conceptual. It is about real stones, real time, real actions.“
On the first floor of the gallery the visitor is welcomed by a huge hand mark of the artist, accompanied by picked up flotsam washed ashore with meandering fingerprints in mud. A green sandstone triangle and a poured mark made of white colour are completing the spectrum of working methods of Richard Long.


In order to pay homage to Pierre Alechinsky, a famous Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky, now aged 80, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium will organize a retrospective exhibition from 23 November 2007 to 30 March 2008. An important works series will be gathered in close co-operation with the artist : paintings, drawings, engravings and books illustrations will be selected in national and international collections.

Philippe Vandenberg - Artist in Residence - Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent (MSK Ghent)
12 04 - 17 08 2008
Philippe Vandenberg. Sint-Gillis | Le Salon d'Art. 05/03/2008 » 30/03/2008

Le Salon d'Art
r. de l'Hôtel des Monnaies 81
1060  Saint-Gilles


Jürgen Partenheimer. Von der Entstehung einer malerischen Fuge mit Kadenzen

Nietzsche-Haus Sils-Maria 19.7.- 20.10.2007

Jürgen Partenheimer spent the summer of 2006 at Nietzsche House, where, immersed in the atmosphere of Nietzsche's "force field", he created his metaphysical landscapes", works on paper of great enigmatic intensity.
In them, the mimetic impulse has been reduced to a few minimalist representational elements, so that the 24 watercolours coalesce into a single composition of breathtaking impact. The artist has chosen to work in a context that allows him to take a twofold – medial – approach to his own practice, such
that his uncompromisingly authentic creative energy interacts with a sovereign appreciation of Nietzsche’s oeuvre. (Text Peter André Bloch)

The exhibition will be attended to and cared for by Häusler Contempory Munich.

Schwabe Verlag Basel has published a catalog in cooperation with the Nietzsche-Haus, including texts from Iso Camartin, Peter André Bloch, and Bruno Glatt (76 pages, 29 illustrations).


Häusler Contemporary exclusively offers special editions of the new catalog.


Raoul De Keyser

Von Bill Viola bis Aernout Mik: Werke Aus der Sammlung der Nationalgalerie, Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany
September 14, 2007 to February 24, 2008

Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
March 14 to April 19, 2008

Raoul De Keyser, FRAC Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France
June 12 to
August 31, 2008

Ronald Noorman
works on paper - February 09 until March 08 - 2008
opening, Saturday, 9.2.2008 3-7p.m.


Galerie Werner Klein

Werner Klein
50677 Cologne


form, color, illumination - Suzan Frecon, Paintings

The Menil Collection, Houston
March 7 — May 11, 2008

Kunsthalle Bern
11 June 2008 - 28 September 2008
Opening: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 18h30

Throughout her career Frecon has maintained a singular focus, dedicating herself to the process of painting. Through assiduous arrangements of color, form, and texture, she produces artwork that is visually stunning, but that also resonates on a philosophical level. In her own words, "I consider painting to be a high form of knowledge; it should be constructed so that, when successful, it will be illuminating and enlightening. . . . It should take you, as a viewer, outside of yourself, somewhere you haven't been before."

Incorporating the rectangular structure of the canvas in their composition, Frecon's oil paintings are large-scale arrangements of precisely balanced geometric forms. A range of earth reds dominates her palette, which also includes jewel-like tones of green, blue, indigo, and occasionally gold leaf. Although more gestural than her oil paintings, the watercolors are no less disciplined. Frecon's compositional elements are intensely allusive; in both mediums, however, color and form are never referential.

Josef Helfenstein (Menil Collection Housten), Matthias Frehner (Kunstmuseum Bern)


Konrad Fischer Galerie Düsseldorf

October 26 - January 12, 2008

In Giuseppe Penone’s oeuvre the tree stands pars pro toto for nature and its slow continuous flow. Just as a sculpture claims a specific irrevocable form, also the tree develops a certain structure within its growth. Penone returns the original structure of the tree by uncovering its different levels: he sheds the tree’s skin, releases the bark and reveals the inner core, the skeleton of the tree. He manufactures leaves and barks castings of bronze and imprints in tanned leather. In combining cultural materials with nature itself, he too opposes imprints from his lines of hand and forehead with floral structures.
In relation to our speed of life, we sense the tree as a solid state. In an interview with Guido de Werd the artist explains that he sees the tree as a fluid within its growth. In the dimension of time the tree becomes liquid, becomes the quality of mouldy clay. Penone relates his body like a sculptor to the tree, who can give form to a piece of dirt. He adds representatives of his body parts, like a hand of steel or a circlet of iron to the tree as substitutes of organs touching the tree’s life with their materiality.

Claudia Pasko